10 Interesting William McKinley Facts

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Look at William McKinley Facts by reading the following post below. McKinley is known as the 25th US president. He was born on 29th January 1843 and died on 14th September 1901 after he was assassinated. He became the president of US from 4th march 1897. Six months after his second term, McKinley died. During his presidential office, he rejected the inflationary proposal to maintain the gold standard in United States. He also developed the American industry by establishing protective tariffs.  He also led America to win in Spanish-American War. Let us find out other impressive facts about McKinley below:

William McKinley Facts 1: American Civil War

The last president who served in the Civil War of America was McKinley. He ended his career in the army as a brevet major though he was only a private at the beginning. He fought for Union Army.

William McKinley Facts 2: the life after the war

McKinley practiced law when living in Canton, Ohio after the civil war. He and Ida Saxton were married.

William McKinley Facts

William McKinley Facts

William McKinley Facts 3: in the Congress

He became a member of the Congress in 1876 after winning an election. He had the expertise for protective tariff in the Republican Party. Get facts about William Henry Harrison here.

William McKinley Facts 4: the controversial tariff

In 1890, Democrat successfully defeated the Republican due to the highly controversial McKinley Tariff in 1890.

William McKinley Image

William McKinley Image

William McKinley Facts 5: governor of Ohio

In 1891 and 1893, McKinley was elected as the governor of Ohio.  He tried to serve the interest of the labor and capital people. In 1896, he was capable to secure a post as a candidate for presidential nomination from Republican due to the help of Mark Hanna, his close friend.

William McKinley Facts 6: William Jennings Bryan

William Jennings Bryan was the candidate from Democratic Party defeated by McKinley during the presidential election. He proposed the idea of sound money and high tariff to improve the economy of America.

William McKinley Images

William McKinley Images

William McKinley Facts 7: the economic growth

During his presidency, McKinley was capable to develop the rapid economic growth. The foreign competition was not a big deal for the factory workers and manufacturers due to 1897 Dingley Tariff that McKinley established. Look at facts about William Morris here.

William McKinley Facts 8: Gold Standard Act

Gold Standard Act was also passed and secured in 1900.

William McKinley

William McKinley

William McKinley Facts 9: the presidential election in 1900

In 1900, the presidential election was the victory for McKinley. He focused on free silver, protectionism and imperialism for his campaign.

William McKinley Facts 10: death

Leon Czolgosz was the second generation of Polish American who shot McKinley on 6th September 1901. Eight days after the shooting, McKinley died. Theodore Roosevelt who served as his vice president took over his duties and power.



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