10 Interesting Jorge Luis Borges Facts

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Read Jorge Luis Borges facts if you want to know a genius writer who always explored the nature of reality and dream in his science fiction literary works. In his 112th birthday, he was commemorated by Google. You can watch his famous doodles there. Look at the interesting things about this famous writer below:

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 1: adverts for yoghurt

We cannot expect a good literary career for a writer. Before Borges became one of the famous writers in the world, he had to begin his career by writing advertisements for yogurt. Can you believe it?

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 2: Francisco Bustos

We do not know why Borges did not use his real name when he published his first story.  It was released in 1933 with the pseudonym Francisco Bustos.

Jorge Luis Borges Books

Jorge Luis Borges Books

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 3: short story

Are you interested to read the short stories of Luis Borges? You can read notable ones such as The Aleph, Ficciones and The Library of Babel. Borges is also a good translator. One of his translation projects is the Spanish translation of Oscar Wilde’s book, The Happy Prince. Get more info about the famous writer in John Marsden facts.

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 4: Nobel Prize for Literature

Many writers in the world want to get Nobel Prize for Literature. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. Borges actually was nominated several times to get this award. However, he failed to get it because of his association with Augusto Pinochet, a Chilean dictator.

Jorge Luis Borges facts

Jorge Luis Borges facts

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 5: eyesight

He almost lost his vision in 1955. However, he still wrote books and short stories even though his eyes were almost blind.

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 6: International Publishers Prize

Borges was the winner of International Publishers Prize in 1961.   At that time, he got $10,000. He shared the money with Samuel Beckett.

Jorge Luis Borges Pic

Jorge Luis Borges Pic

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 7: Mick Jagger movie Performance

Borges had influenced many writers, singers and artists. You can see his influence on the Mick Jagger movie Performance in 1970. His named was quoted several times in the movie.

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 8: Barcelona

When people come to Barcelona, they are amazed with beauty and architecture of the city. It seems that this condition does not apply to Borges. He described that that city is filthy, rectangular, strident, ugly and vulgar.

Jorge Luis Borges Writer

Jorge Luis Borges Writer

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 9: Elsa Astete Millán

Elsa Astete Millán was his first wife. Both married in 1967. The marriage only lasted less than 3 years.

Jorge Luis Borges Facts 10: Maria Kodama

His second marriage was with Maria Kodama. He was his personal assistance. Both married few months before Borges’ death in April 1986.

Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges

Borges passed away on 14th June, 1986 in Geneva. He died because of liver cancer at the age of 86 years old. Do you have any question on facts about Jorge Luis Borges?

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