10 Interesting Mem Fox Facts

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Get information about the famous writer in Mem Fox Facts. She was born in Australia. There are many interesting books that she has created. Now she lives in Adelaide, Australia. Let’s find out more facts about her in the following post below:

Mem Fox Facts 1: date of birth

Mem Fox was born on 5th March 1946 in Melbourne, Australia.  Her parents worked as missionaries so that she was raised in Zimbabwe, not Australia.

Mem Fox Facts 2: education

Talking about her education, she went to England to study at a drama school.

Mem Fox  Possum Magic

Mem Fox Possum Magic

Mem Fox Facts 3: marriage

Mem Fox married to Malcolm Fox in 1969. Now she lives in Adelaide, Australia.  Talking about her pet, Mem has two dogs. Both are Lucy and Nellie-Bellet.

Mem Fox Facts 4: name

Can you guess the full name of Mem Fox? Actually she was born as Merrion Frances Fox. But people always called her Mem.  Her father is Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.

Mem Fox  Writer

Mem Fox Writer

Mem Fox Facts 5: children

Mem has one daughter who was born in 1971. Her name is Chloe.

Mem Fox Facts 6: the first book

Do you know the title of the first book by Mem Fox? It was Possum Magic. You need to read it for interesting story by Mem.

Mem Fox Books

Mem Fox Books

Mem Fox Facts 7: her favorite picture book

Even though Mem Fox was a writer, she also likes to read a picture book. One of her favorites is John Brown, Rose and The Midnight Cat. It was written by Jenny Wagner.

Mem Fox Facts 8: ideas of her book

Mem Fox states that the ideas and inspirations of her books come from her feeling, other books and real life.

Mem Fox Image

Mem Fox Image

Mem Fox Facts 9: hobbies

Are you curious to find out the hobbies of Mem Fox? She likes reading books, gardening and walking on the beach.

Mem Fox Facts 10: books

There are at least 35 books that Mem Fox has written. In 2005, she published Hunwick’s eggs. Find another writer in JK Rowling facts.

Mem Fox

Mem Fox

Mem Fox also earned various kinds of awards.  She was selected as the Ambassador of Hans Christian Anderson in 1990s and 2005. Do you want to say something on facts about Mem Fox?

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