10 Interesting MC Escher Facts

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MC Escher facts present the facts about the Dutch graphic artist. His full name actually is Maurits Cornelis Escher. But he is very popular with the name MC Escher. This graphic artist always fascinated people with his impossible construction and mathematical inspired arts. Find out the true facts about him below:

MC Escher Facts 1: date of birth

MC Escher was born on 17th June 1898 in Leeuwarden Holland.  His parents were George Arnold Escher and Sarah Gleichman Escher.

MC Escher Facts 2: fame

People recognized MC Escher with his mathematically inspired mezzotints, lithographs and woodcuts. This man also made the tessellation, architectural and infinity for his impossible creation and construction.

MC Escher and Birds

MC Escher and Birds

MC Escher Facts 3: illness

You are wrong if you think that MC Escher had cheerful and happy childhood. He had to suffer from a wide array of illness during his childhood time.

MC Escher Facts 4: education

It seems that Escher was very interested to study about architecture. In 1919, he decided to study in Architecture and decorative Arts in Haarlem. He wanted to become an architect.

MC Escher Facts

MC Escher Facts

MC Escher Facts 5: Jetta Umiker

Jetta Umiker was his wife. Both met in 1923 when Escher traveled around Italy.

MC Escher Facts 6: George Escher

Escher and Jetta had their first child. His name was George Escher. He was born in the end of July in 1926. When George was christened, Mussolini and King Emmanuel came. At that time, Escher was very famous.

MC Escher images

MC Escher images

MC Escher Facts 7: artwork

People were very impressed with his artwork. He always explored the theme of mathematical impossibilities and geometry in his work.

MC Escher Facts 8: mental imagery

In 1930, Escher was very famous with his mental imagery term. It is used to describe the impossible art.

MC Escher Pic

MC Escher Pic

MC Escher Facts 9: knight

It was much as big moment and honor for MC Escher when the queen Juliana the Dutch royal house knighted him on 27th April 1955.

MC Escher Facts 10: lecturers

He shared his knowledge and thinking by giving various lecturers in famous universities around the world in 1950s to 1960s.

MC Escher

MC Escher

He passed away because of cancer in the age of 73. Are you inspired with facts about MC Escher?

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