10 Interesting Vivienne Westwood Facts

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Fashion industry is a challenging business in the world.  If you can be a famous designer, you can earn a lot of fortune. Vivienne Westwood is the prominent one in the fashion industries. You will know more about her if you read the whole Vivienne Westwood Facts. She was born on April 8, 1941.  Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood’s fashion improved the awareness of the people related to the modern punk and new wave of fashion style. She is not only a designer, but also businesswoman.

Vivienne Westwood Facts 1: the public attention

Vivienne Westwood rose to prominence after she created clothes for Malcolm McLaren’s boutique.

Vivienne Westwood Facts 2: the UK punk scene

The UK punk scene was very popular in 1970s. Her clothes highlighted the combination of music and clothing style. The Sex Pistols was McLaren’s band.

Vivienne Westwood Clothing

Vivienne Westwood Clothing

Vivienne Westwood Facts 3: opening the stores

At first, she opened four stores in London before her stores spanned in other parts of United Kingdom and the world.  Check facts about Veronica Roth here.

Vivienne Westwood Facts 4: the products

The stores of Westwood sell varied products and merchandises. Some of them are associated with civil rights, climate change and campaign of nuclear disarmament.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Facts 5: the early life

The parents of Westwood were Gordon Swire and Dora Swire. Her birthplace was located at the village of Tintwistle Cheshire. Her birth name was Vivienne Isabel Swire.

Vivienne Westwood Facts 6: the father of Westwood

Westwood’s father worked in an aircraft factory as a storekeeper after he was employed at a greengrocer.

Vivienne Westwood Pic

Vivienne Westwood Pic

Vivienne Westwood Facts 7: education

Westwood was educated at Glossop Grammar School. The family then lived in Harrow, London in 1958.  When she was enrolled at Harrow School of Art, she studied silver smithing. After following one term, she left the school. Find facts about Victor Hugo here.

Vivienne Westwood Facts 8: as a teacher

She worked as a teacher in a primary school after attending a teacher-training college.  She created jewelry during her period as a teacher.

Vivienne Westwood Facts

Vivienne Westwood Facts

Vivienne Westwood Facts 9: Malcom McLaren

Malcom McLaren was considered as her inspiration to incorporate the Punk fashion in clothes.

Vivienne Westwood Facts 10: the clothing label

Her marriage to Derek Westwood ended after she met Malcom McLaren. The clothes were inspired from prostitutes, fetishists and bikers.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

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