10 Interesting William Henry Harrison Facts

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The ninth president of United States is explained on William Henry Harrison Facts. He was born on 9th February 1773 and died on 4th April 1841. He was inaugurated as president of United States at the age of 68 years and 23 days old. It was very sad to know that 31 days after he took the presidential office, he died. In the presidential history of United States, Harrison has the shortest tenure. You will be informed with more interesting facts about Harrison by reading the complete post below:

William Henry Harrison Facts 1: the death

The death of Harrison created a brief crisis in the constitution. He was the first president who died while serving as a president.

William Henry Harrison Facts 2: Benjamin Harrison

Have you ever heard about Benjamin Harrison? In 1889 until 1893, he became the 23rd president of United States. He was the grandson of William Henry Harrison.

William Henry Harrison 1800

William Henry Harrison 1800

William Henry Harrison Facts 3: the career

Harrison had become the first governor of Indiana Territory. In the Northwest Territory, he became the first congressional delegate. That’s the positions earned by Harrison before he won the election as the president of United States. Get facts about William the Conqueror here.

William Henry Harrison Facts 4: the national fame

Tippecanoe or Old Tippecanoe is the nickname of Harrison that he achieved because of his leadership at the Battle of Tippecanoe of 1811 against the Native American people.

William Henry Harrison Facts

William Henry Harrison Facts

William Henry Harrison Facts 5: War of 1812

Harrison also played an important role during War of 1812. In 1813, he was a key figure at Battle of the Thames. He served as a general officer during the war.

William Henry Harrison Facts 6: the life after the war

Harrison won a seat in House of the Representative in Ohio after the war ended. He became the US Senate in 1824 after being elected by the state legislature. Check facts about Wilfred Owen here.

William Henry Harrison Pictures

William Henry Harrison Pictures

William Henry Harrison Facts 7: presidency

In the election of 1836, Harrison was nominated as the candidate from the Whig Party. Martin Van Buren was the Democrat who defeated him during the election even though Harrison was the Whig with most votes in the party.

William Henry Harrison Facts 8: 1840 election

Van Buren was defeated by Harrison during 1840 election due to Buren’s loss of popularity after Panic of 1837.

William Henry Harrison Poster

William Henry Harrison Poster

William Henry Harrison Facts 9: death

A month after being a president of United States, Harrison died because of pneumonia.

William Henry Harrison Facts 10: John Tyler of Virginia

The running mate of Harrison during the election was John Tyler of Virginia. After the death of Harrison, Tyler took the duties and power as a US president.

Facts about William Henry Harrison

Facts about William Henry Harrison

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