10 Interesting Johannes Kepler Facts

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Johannes Kepler facts give the interesting information about one of the important scientists in the world. Since his early childhood, Kepler was very interested with astronomy.  In 1580, he saw a lunar eclipse and a comet in 1577. The experience made him interested to learn more about astronomy. Here are the fascinating facts about Johannes Kepler:

Johannes Kepler Facts 1: smallpox

When Johannes Kepler was a child, he suffered a lot because of a small pox. Even though he survived, it made him had a bad vision. He also had crippled hands because of the disease. That’s why his ability to observe the universe was limited.

Johannes Kepler Facts 2: Isaac Newton’s theory

The Kepler laws affected the works of the next scientists such as Isaac Newton. His theory of gravity was created based on the works. You can read “Harmonices Mundi”, “Epitome of Copemican Theory”, and “Astronomia Nova”. Look at Isaac Newton facts here.

Johannes Kepler Facts

Johannes Kepler Facts

Johannes Kepler Facts 3: Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei came in the equal group of Johannes Kepler. Even though they had different theories, they laid the basic laws for the modern philosophy, astronomy and physics.

Johannes Kepler Facts 4: modern optics

As I having stated before, Kepler had limited eye vision because of small pox. It made him created eyeglasses that people can use for the far sight and near sight. There is no need to wonder that he is called as the founder of modern optics.

Johannes Kepler image

Johannes Kepler image

Johannes Kepler Facts 5: Keplerian Telescope

Besides the eyeglasses, he invented the Keplerian telescope. This version was used to upgrade the refracting telescope.

Johannes Kepler Facts 6: Kepler’s mother

The mother of Johannes Kepler was considered as a witch. His mother liked to collect natural medicine and herbs. To defend his mother, Kepler had to hire lawyers to defend her on the trial.

Johannes Kepler Pic

Johannes Kepler Pic

Johannes Kepler Facts 7: Salem Witch Trials

His grandmother was involved with Salem Witch Trials because she was accused as a witch just like his mother.   His grandmother’s life was at stake since she was sentenced to death.

Johannes Kepler Facts 8: three laws of planetary motion

One of Kepler’s best works is on three laws of planetary motion.  The laws increase the revolution in the 17th century.

Johannes Kepler Picture

Johannes Kepler Picture

Johannes Kepler Facts 9: life

Johannes Kepler lived from 27th December 1571 until 15th November 1630. He was famous as a German mathematician and astronomer.

Johannes Kepler Facts 10: educations

He studied philosophy when he went to University of Tubingen. However, Kepler was very great at astronomy and mathematics.

Johannes Kepler Theory

Johannes Kepler Theory

If you are curious to read some of Keller’s works, you can find his books such as Epitome astronomiae Copernicanae, Mysterium cosmographicum, Harmonice Mundi and Astronomia nova. Are you satisfied with facts about Johannes Kepler?

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