10 Interesting Nikola Tesla Facts

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If you are interested to find out the detail of the Serbian American scientist and inventor, you have to check Nikola Tesla Facts. Tesla gives a lot of contributions to the field of engineering and physics.  Find out his work in physics by reading the following post below:

Nikola Tesla Facts 1: the best known work

Let’s find out the well known work of Nicola Tesla. He was famous with his invention of alternating current electricity design. You also enjoy his work in fascinating demonstration.

Nikola Tesla Facts 2: date of birth

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856 in Smiljan. It was a part of the Austrian empire. But today, Smiljan is a part of Croatia.

Nikola Tesla Book

Nikola Tesla Book

Nikola Tesla Facts 3: death

Tesla passed away when he was in New Yorker Hotel in the room of 3327 on 7 January 1947.

Nikola Tesla Facts 4: job

With great and fascinating educational background, Tesla worked for Continental Edison Company on the electrical equipment. He decided to move to France in 1882 to work for this company.

Nikola Tesla Facts

Nikola Tesla Facts

Nikola Tesla Facts 5: resign

He resigned from the jobs in Thomas Edison Company. He decided to move to USA in 1884 and worked for his own projects there.

Nikola Tesla Facts 6: a citizen of US

Nikola Tesla got the US citizenship in 1891.

Nikola Tesla Old

Nikola Tesla Old

Nikola Tesla Facts 7: inventions and patents

Tesla was a famous and brilliant inventor. He had a lot of patents for his magnificent invention. The famous one is his AC induction motor and transformer. He got the license for this invention from George Westinghouse.

Nikola Tesla Facts 8: war of the currents

War of the current was the main term that people knew when people talked about Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla. All of them had their styles when distributing the electrical power. They could use DC/ directing current by Edison or AC/ alternating current by Tesla. Find out facts about Thomas Edison here.

Nikola Tesla Scientist

Nikola Tesla Scientist

Nikola Tesla Facts 9: Tesla Coil

Another famous invention from Tesla is the Tesla Coil. It can be used to generate low current electricity and high voltage electricity.

Nikola Tesla Facts 10: position

In 1892 till 1894, Tesla was appointed as the vice president of American Institute of Electrical engineers.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

In 1899, Tesla could prove that earth was a conductor when he made his experiment in Colorado spring lab. Do you want to comment on facts about Nikola Tesla?

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