10 Interesting Washington Monument Facts

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Washington Monument facts are presented in the post below to remind you with the achievement of George Washington. This monument was created to honor the former US president because of his work during the presidential time. This man represents the liberty and constitution. He is also the father of USA. Now read the whole facts about Washington monument in the post below:

Washington Monument Facts 1: Continental Army

The leader of the Continental Army was George Washington. He got the victory in the war against Great Britain in 1789. This man then became the first president in US after persisting the independence for this country.

Washington Monument Facts 2: Construction

The construction of George Washington Monument began in 1848. It was completely finished in 1884. The official opening of this monument began on 9 October 1888.

Washington Monument at Night

Washington Monument at Night

Washington Monument Facts 3: Total Cost

The government had to spend at least $1,187,710 to build the monument with 897 steps.  The height of this monument is around 555 feet.  The man who designed the monument was Roberts Mills.

Washington Monument Facts 4: Number of Visitors

George Washington monument is a popular landmark to visit by all people in the world. Each year, it is estimated that there are 867,550 people.  If you use the elevator, it needs 70 seconds to travel.

Washington Monument at Noon

Washington Monument at Noon

Washington Monument Facts 5: Material

The building was created from some expensive materials. You can see the cap is created from aluminum. The structure is made from bluestone, marble and granite.

Washington Monument Facts 6: Virginia Earthquake

Virginia earthquake has a big impact on George Washington Monument. The earthquake occurred on 23 August 2011 make the officials close the monument for visitation until 2014.

Washington Monument Facts

Washington Monument Facts

Washington Monument Facts 7: James Madison and John Marshals

James Madison and John Marshal were the people who created the Washington National Monument Society who want to build a monument used to honor George Washington in his 100th birthday. Another unique place in US is explained in Elliss Island facts.

Washington Monument Facts 8: A Fundraising Campaign

A fundraising campaign was made to increase the fund to build the largest monument in the world. In 1836, the campaign can reach the cash for about $28,000.

Washington Monument with Flags

Washington Monument with Flags

Washington Monument Facts 9: Design Competition

The design for the building was picked based on the competition.  The winner is Roberts Mills. He was an architect and his design was picked in 1836. Find out info about liberty bell facts here.

Washington Monument Facts 10: A Simple Obelisk

Design of monument made from by Mills is only a simple obelisk. It will be made as the center of the flags poles in National Mall.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

It was on 4th July 1848 that the first Cornerstone was laid on the monument. The trowel used to lay the corner is similar with the one used by Washington when he laid the cornerstone on the capitol building in 1793. Do you have any question on facts about George Washington Monument?

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