10 Interesting Ellis Island Facts

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Learn more about Ellis Island facts if you want to know about the immigrants of US in the past. This island is famous in the world because it is the home to the well-known liberty statue. The people who come to US should go to Ellis Island if they want to enjoy the beauty of US and its magnificent statue. Find more facts about Ellis Island here.

Ellis Island Facts 1: The Landing Place

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Ellis Island is well known as the land space for the immigrants coming all over the world. It becomes the iconic landmark in US.

Ellis Island Facts 2: Name

The name for Ellis Island is derived from the name for a tavern towel which once operated in the island. It comes from the name for Samuel Ellis. After the man died, the heirs for this island sell the island on the New York government.

Ellis Island an Immigrants

Ellis Island an Immigrants

Ellis Island Facts 3: Military Weaponry and Ammunition

Ellis Island was a home to the military weaponry and ammunition before it was used as a facility for the immigrants.

Ellis Island Facts 4: Immigration Station

Based on the history, it is stated that the first person to pass the Ellis Island to reach the immigration facility is a young Irish woman. Her name is Annie Moore. She was only 15 years old. He landed on Ellis Island on 1st January 1892.

Ellis Island Facts

Ellis Island Facts

Ellis Island Facts 5: Heartbreak Island

The nick name for Ellis Island is Heartbreak Island. It is due to the fact that many people were rejected when they want to stay in US. Some of them were rejected and had to move back to their native countries because for the criminal records.

Ellis Island Facts 6: Number of Immigrants

The numbers of immigrants who have registered to Ellis Island were around 12 million people. Read more US facts to get ideas about the immigrants.

Ellis Island Size

Ellis Island Size

Ellis Island Facts 7: Statue of Liberty

The immigration service was closed. Now Ellis Island becomes the home of the famous landmark in New York. It is the liberty statue. It symbolizes the freedom of the people. Many people all over the world come to US just want to see the liberty statue. Look at New York City facts to find out more about it.

Ellis Island Facts 8: Size

If you think that Ellis Island is big, you are wrong. This island is small. However, the government manages it to make the island bigger by increasing the size up to nine times bigger.

Ellis Island with Liberty Statue

Ellis Island with Liberty Statue

Ellis Island Facts 9: Coast Guard Training Facility

There are many functions that Ellis Island had in the past. It was a Coast Guard training facility during the World War 2. It is used to save weapons and train the guards.

Ellis Island Facts 10: Immigration Museum

Another attraction that people can enjoy when they visit Ellis Island is immigration museum. You can enjoy the museum of Ellis Island.


Ellis Island

Ellis Island

The people who come to Ellis Island and want to be part of US people were around 12 million people. Are you interested to find out more facts about Ellis Island?

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