10 Interesting Abu Simbel Facts

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Abu Simbel Facts present the information about two rock temples situated at Abu Simbel. This village is located in Egypt in Nubia nearby Sudan. The “Nubian Monuments” is the title which comprise the complex designated as World Heritage Site. In the 13th century BC, Abu Simbel was constructed and carved during the rule of Pharaoh Ramesses II. Let’s find out other details about Abu Simbel by reading the following post below:

Abu Simbel Facts 1: the construction

Abu Simbel temples were constructed by Pharaoh Ramesses II for him and Nefertari, his queen. The iconic symbol in the temple is spotted on the huge external rock relief. Both temples were used for commemorating his triumph at Battle of Kadesh.

Abu Simbel Facts 2: relocation

Relocation took place in 1968 on the complex of Abu Simbel.  The new location is above Aswan High Dam Reservoir on an artificial hill created from a domed structure.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel Facts 3: the important relocation

Relocation of Abu Simbel should be conducted because it would submerge when Lake Nasser was constructed. Aswan High Dam was created on Nile River, which led into the development of a massive artificial water reservoir, Lake Nasser. Find facts about Alhambra here.

Abu Simbel Facts 4: the construction of the temple

In 1264 BC, Abu Simbel temples were constructed. They were completed in 1244 BC after 20 years.

Abu Simbel Map

Abu Simbel Map

Abu Simbel Facts 5: the title

Abu Simbel is recognized as Temple of Ramesses beloved by the Amun. Nubia also contained other temples by Ramesses II.

Abu Simbel Facts 6: the lost temples

Abu Simbel became a lost temple because it was not used anymore. Sand covered the temples. The top frieze of the main temple was discovered by Jean-Louis Burckhardt in 1813. He was a Swiss orientalist.

Abu Simbel Image

Abu Simbel Image

Abu Simbel Facts 7: the early description of Abu Simbel

Edward William Lane’s Description of Egypt featured the contemporary line drawings of Abu Simbel and initial depiction of the temples. Look at facts about Twin Towers here.

Abu Simbel Facts 8: the name of the temples

The temple was named after a young boy who guided the discovery of the temples. He shifted sands from time to time to dig out the sand.

Abu Simbel Pic

Abu Simbel Pic

Abu Simbel Facts 9: statue of Ramses the Great

In 1967, the statue of Ramses the Great was reassembled after being relocated to Great Temple of Abu Simbel to avoid flood.

Abu Simbel Facts 10: gods

Abu Simbel was constructed to honor the gods like Ptah, Ra-Horakhty and Amun.

Abu Simbel Facts

Abu Simbel Facts

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