10 Interesting Liberty Bell Facts

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Liberty Bell facts bring clear facts about the historical background of a bell ringing in the states. Liberty bell rang on 8 July 1776 from the tower for Independence Hall.  The citizens for Philadelphia gathered to hear the first public reading of Declaration of Independence.  Colonel John Nixon was the one responsible to read the declaration. Find more facts below.

Liberty Bell Facts 1: Pennsylvania Assembly

The bell was ordered by Pennsylvania Assembly in 1751. It was used as a commemoration for the 50th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s original Constitution.  It is called as William Penn’s 1701 Charter of Privileges.

Liberty Bell Facts 2: William Penn’s 1701 Charter of Privileges

William Penn’s 1701 Charter of Privileges is very famous.  It tells people about the freedom and rights that people all over the world should value. In short it speaks the Penns’ ideas on liberation in Native American right, religious freedom and the right of citizen in enacting laws. Another historical building in US is seen in Ellis Island facts.

Liberty Bell Fact

Liberty Bell Fact

Liberty Bell Facts 3: Slavery

Slavery was conducted in America. Liberty bell is the iconic symbol of struggle to eliminate slavery from America.

Liberty Bell Facts 4: Center Part for the Liberty Bell

On the front areas of the Liberty bell, you can see the words of “Pass and Stow / Philada / MDCCLIII.” Find an attractvie place by seeing Space Needle facts.

Liberty Bell Facts

Liberty Bell Facts

Liberty Bell Facts 5: Cracks of the Bell

The disagreement occurred about the cracking on the liberty bell occurred.  To avoid any major expansion on the crack, the liberty bell was not ringed on Washington’s Birthday in 1846.

Liberty Bell Facts 6: Liberty bell replica

The replica for liberty bell was created in 1915. It was used for women suffrage’s movement. The movement gives a good result with 19th amendment.  The replica was carried to Independence hall and rung on 25 September 1920 to celebrate the ratification for the amendment. It gave women the right to vote.

Liberty Bell Rang

Liberty Bell Rang

Liberty Bell Facts 7: A Bell for the State House

A letter signed by Norris, Thomas Leech, and Edward Warner was sent or the Colonial Agent of the Province of Pennsylvania named Robert Charles to purchase a bell for the state house. Then he ordered the Bell Whitechapel Foundry. It was made with Leviticus’s passage.

Liberty Bell Facts 8: The Arrival of the Bell

Liberty bell arrived on 1 September 1752 in Philadelphia. It was hung in 10 March 1753.

Liberty Bell View

Liberty Bell View

Liberty Bell Facts 9: John Pass and John Stow

John Pass and John Stow were the foundry workers who wanted to make the cracked bell less visible. They got 36 pounds to complete the labor

Liberty Bell Facts 10: Function of Liberty Bell

The main function of liberty bell is to call the assembly together and to summon the people to gather if there are many events or announcements.

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

The people who wanted to see the real liberty bell can go to the liberty bell center. It was opened in October 2003. The bell is very visible when you look at it from the southern end of the street. Do you have opinion on facts about Liberty Bell?

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