10 Interesting the Sagrada Familia Facts

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One of the greatest works of Antoni Gaudi is discussed on the Sagrada Familia Facts. The building is situated in Barcelona. It serves as the Roman Catholic Church. The full name is The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. People simply call it Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia receives the status a minor basilica after it was proclaimed and consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in November 2010. The building actually has not been completed. However, it was designated as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Let us check other fun facts about Sagrada Familia below:

The Sagrada Familia Facts 1: the differences between a cathedral and a basilica

Sagrada Familia only receives a status as a minor basilica because there is no seat of a bishop here. If there is a seat of a bishop, it will be called a cathedral.  Look at facts about the Summer Palace here.

The Sagrada Familia Facts 2: the project of Sagrada Familia

Architect Francisco Paula de Villar began the project for constructing Sagrada Familia in 1882. Francisco decided to let go his position as the head architect during the project. That is why Gaudi was involved in the construction in 1883.

the sagrada familia indoor

the sagrada familia indoor

The Sagrada Familia Facts 3: the transformation

There was a major transformation in term of design in the architecture of Sagrada Familia after Gaudi was involved. He applied curvilinear Art Nouveau and Gothic styles.

The Sagrada Familia Facts 4: the death of Gaudi

In 1926, Gaudi passed away. At that time, Sagrada Familia’s construction was completed 75 percent.

the sagrada familia roof

the sagrada familia roof

The Sagrada Familia Facts 5: the progress of the construction

Gaudi devoted his last years to do the Sagrada Familia. However, the progress of the construction was slow due to the fund. The Spanish civil war interrupted the project too.

The Sagrada Familia Facts 6: the completion date

The project to complete Sagrada Familia stills occurs until today. People anticipate that this project will be finished somewhere in 2016.

the sagrada familia facts

the sagrada familia facts

The Sagrada Familia Facts 7: Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau style is spotted in the decoration and architecture of Sagrada Familia. However, some people believe that Gaudi took the style to the next level due to the distinctive application.

The Sagrada Familia Facts 8: the purpose for building

Even though Sagrada Familia is not a cathedral, the building is intended to represent the size of a cathedral.

the sagrada familia

the sagrada familia

The Sagrada Familia Facts 9: the ground plan

Seville Cathedral, Burgos Cathedral, and Leon Cathedral are some Spanish cathedrals, which inspire the ground plan design of Sagrada Familia.  Get facts about the Parthenon here.

The Sagrada Familia Facts 10: the complexity of design

Sagrada Familia has complex design, which can be seen from the presence of the ornaments, different structures, multitude of towers and many more.

the sagrada familia building

the sagrada familia building

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