10 Interesting Violin Facts

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The favorite musical instrument is explained on Violin Facts. It is included in the violin family along with cello and viola. This wooden string instrument has the highest pitch and the smallest one in violin family. Actually, the smaller ones are available such as kit violin and violino piccolo. Since 2010s, both of them have not been used anymore. Violin features four strings.  The player will draw a bow across the strings to play it. Let us check other interesting facts about violin below:

Violin Facts 1: the importance of violin

Violin is not only played in classical music genres but also in other music genres like pop, jazz and blues.

Violin Facts 2: the prominence of violin

Even though it is played across different musical genres, it is mostly played in folk music and western classical tradition.

Violin Pictures

Violin Pictures

Violin Facts 3: the rock

You will be surprised to know that violin is also played in rock music. It usually comes in the form of electric violins. The Iranian music and Indian music also use violins.

Violin Facts 4: the informal name

The informal name of violin is a fiddle. The term fiddle is often used by the people who play bluegrass and traditional music.

Violin Parts

Violin Parts

Violin Facts 5: the first known violin

Violin was created for the first time in Italy in 16th century. In 18th and 19th centuries, violins were modified.

Violin Facts 6: the western classical music

The viola and violin were the important components in the Western Classical music in Europe. The violins created by Amati, Guarneri and Stradivari are valuable. Many collectors and violinists try to get their violins. The families had good reputation as the creator of violins. See facts about ukulele here.

Violin Facts

Violin Facts

Violin Facts 7: the violinmaker

Use the term the violinmaker or luthier to call the person who repairs or makes violins. Wood is considered as the primary part to make violin. However, most parts of electric violins are not made of wood. You can pay violin by using steel strings, synthetic strings, perlon or gut.

Violin Facts 8: the parts and materials of violins

The parts of violin include a neck, a soundpost, maple ribs and back, spruce top, four strings and a bridge.

Violin Playing

Violin Playing

Violin Facts 9: the unique shape

Violin has a unique shape, which resembles an hourglass. The top and back is arching. Get facts about the viola here.

Violin Facts 10: the voice

The wood, varnish, graduation and shape of violins will determine the produced voice or sound of the instrument.

Facts about Violin

Facts about Violin

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