10 Interesting Disneyland Facts

Monday, December 30th 2013. | Entertainment

Disneyland facts can be the happiest place on earth. Kids love to visit this place because they can enjoy various kinds of rides. You can also see the magical buildings in this area. After it has been built for about 50 years, this area attracts more than 500 million people. Find out the facts about Disneyland to make you impress.

Disneyland Facts 1: failure

People made a prediction about the Disney when it was built for the first time. Press thought that Disneyland would be a big failure. It seems that this thought is wrong because many people love to visit this park.

Disneyland Facts 2: the first day of opening

The first day of the park opening was not really good.  The asphalt of the street in Disneyland was not entirely dry. It made the people shoes stick on the wet asphalt. Moreover, the temperature at that time was 101 degrees.

Disneyland Area

Disneyland Area

Disneyland Facts 3: alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are sold privately in Disneyland. You need to visit Club 33. This club is very exclusive so that not all of the people can come in. You need to spend at least a thousand dollar to come in the club.

Disneyland Facts 4: Disney Underground

Disney Underground exists.  The park contains many underground basements that workers can use to relax when they are in the free time. They can eat the lunch here or even change the costume before the show.

Disneyland facts

Disneyland facts

Disneyland Facts 5: Matterhorn

Matterhorn is one feature in Disneyland which gives the people a full basketball court inside the area. It is considered as the first Olympic stadium in 1984.

Disneyland Facts 6: died people

Disneyland is very safe. However, it is not 100 percent safe. Even though many reports believe that no one died in the past, actually there were 12 people died here. The death is mostly because of the dangerous rides.

disneyland map

disneyland map

Disneyland Facts 7: cameras

If you visit Disneyland, you are fully watched the plenty cameras located in the park. The cameras are used to maintain the safety of the people from being flipping or flashing on the rides. Other cameras are used to identify people using drugs.

Disneyland Facts 8: Haunted Mansion

One of the interestineg places in Disneyland that you need to explore is the Haunted mansion.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Facts 9: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is sexy and hot. An ex actor in Disneyland who played the character of jack Sparrow stated that many women like him because of this character.

Disneyland Facts 10: Disney princess

When we talk about Disneyland, we should think about the Disney princesses. You can see Cinderella, prince Ariel or even Rapunzel statues here.



Disneyland is one of the most popular places to visit. You can find it not only in US but also in Europe and Asia. If you live in Asia, you can go to Disneyland Japan. Are you satisfied with facts about Disneyland?

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