10 Interesting Ukulele Facts

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Ukulele Facts explain the information about a musical instrument included in the lute family. It is often called simply uke. Ukulele usually has the total of 6 to 8 strings. In general, it has four strings made of gust or nylon. The musical instrument was adapted from the Portuguese of machete in Hawaii in 19th century. The Portuguese immigrants like the Azores and Madeira brought the small guitar-like instrument in Hawaii. Let us check other interesting facts about ukulele below:

Ukulele Facts 1: the national and international popularity

During the beginning of 20th century, ukulele was popular in United States and other parts of the world.

Ukulele Facts 2: the sizes

There are four available sizes for ukulele. You can choose the baritone, tenor, concert and soprano one.

Red Ukulele

Red Ukulele

Ukulele Facts 3: the volume and tone of ukulele

The construction and size of ukulele will determine the volume and tone of this instrument. Check facts about the saxophone here.

Ukulele Facts 4: the name

The name of the musical instrument means jumping flea in English. This instrument is always connected with Hawaii. There was a legend, which stated that that the nickname of this instrument was associated with one of the officers of King Kalākaua named Edward William Purvis. This Englishman had great playing expertise and small size.

Ukulele Facts

Ukulele Facts

Ukulele Facts 5: the machete

The machete is the musical instrument of Portugal. It was believed that ukulele was made based on machete’s adaptation.

Ukulele Facts 6: the popularity of ukulele

It was easy to incorporate ukulele in Hawaiian music because King Kalākaua supported it. He was known as a patron of art.



Ukulele Facts 7: ukulele in Canada

Ukulele was introduced in the school music program in Canada by J. Chalmers Doane in 1960s. The educator tried to improve the musical literacy of the students by using ukulele as the cheap instrument.

Ukulele Facts 8: the peak of ukulele’s musical education

During the peak of the musical program, the musical instrument was learned by at least 50,000 schoolchildren and adults.

Facts about Ukuleles

Facts about Ukuleles

Ukulele Facts 9: ukulele in Japan

Ukulele was introduced in Japan after Yukihiko Haida introduced the instrument in 1929. Haida was a Hawaiian born who arrived in Japan due to the death of his father. The Moana Glee Club was established by Haida and his brother Katsuhiko that performed the jazz and Hawaiian music. Get facts about the viola here.

Ukulele Facts 10: ukulele in United Kingdom

Ukulele is also played in United Kingdom. The most notable player of ukulele in the country is George Formby. He is a comedian and singer who also played other musical instruments.

Ukulele Pic

Ukulele Pic

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