10 Interesting the Viola Facts

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The Viola Facts will tell the readers about a bowed and plucked string instrument. The sound produced by a viola is deeper than violin. Talking about the size, it is larger than a violin.  In the violin family, the viola has the alto voice. The location of viola is between cello and violin. The tunes for viola usually are C3, G3, D4, and A4. That is the sequences from the low to high tune. Let us check other interesting facts about viola below:

The Viola Facts 1: the size of viola

The size was available in various options in the past. The name, which followed the word viola, is used to define the style and size. The large viola was called “Haute Contre”.  The small one was called Cinquiesme.

The Viola Facts 2: the popularity of viola

The popularity of viola was at its peak in 18th century. At that time, viola was used to play the three lines in the harmony. In some occasions, viola was used to play the melody line.

three bow frogs

three bow frogs

The Viola Facts 3: the usage of alto clef

The alco clef is mainly used in written music for viola. That is why it earns a unique status.

The Viola Facts 4: the higher register

If the music for viola is written in higher register, it will use the treble clef.

the viola peg strings

the viola peg strings

The Viola Facts 5: as the inner voice

The inner voice in the symphonic writing and string quartets is often employed by using the viola.

The Viola Facts 6: Lionel Tertis

Lionel Tertis is one of the famous soloists who inspire the musicians to write more for viola. In orchestral music, viola is occasionally employed in soloist role. Get facts about the piccolo here.

the viola facts

the viola facts

The Viola Facts 7: the viola concertos

Some musicians who had written the viola concertos included Béla Bartók, Bohuslav Martinů and William Walton.

The Viola Facts 8: the material and construction of viola

Violin and viola are created using the similar construction and material. However, the body length of viola is longer than the violin. The kids intend to play a viola can choose the one with the length of 12 inches or 30 cm. Look at facts about the saxophone here.

the viola pic

the viola pic

The Viola Facts 9: the viola makers

Arthur Smith was the notable English viola maker in 20th century. His violas are highly valued. The musicians would like to get the viola. Most of his violas are kept in Australia.

The Viola Facts 10: the player

The people who play viola are called a viola player or violist.

the viola player

the viola player

Are you impressed after reading facts about viola?

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