10 Interesting Dominican Republic Facts

Tuesday, December 31st 2013. | Countries

Read Dominican Republic facts to educate you more about the countries in the world. The capital city of Santo Domingo is considered as the oldest permanent settlement in western hemisphere. It was established as the settlement in 1496. Find more facts here:

Dominican Republic Facts 1: bible

The image of a bible can be seen on the national flag of Dominican Republic. Thus, it is considered as the only national flag in the world featuring an image of a bible.

Dominican Republic Facts 2: Coffee

Dominican Republic has a non alcoholic drink that people love much. It is a coffee. If you decide to visit Dominican Republic, you need to order Café Santo Domingo. It is the most popular coffee in the country.

Dominican Republic  facts

Dominican Republic facts

Dominican Republic Facts 3: area

Dominican Republic spans on the land of 48,730 square kilometer. Compared to the area located in New Hampshire US, it is twice larger.

Dominican Republic Facts 4: currency

The currency used by all people in the country when they want to trade is called the Dominican peso. Change your money before you come here.

Dominican Republic Beach

Dominican Republic Beach

Dominican Republic Facts 5: Catholicism

The major religion embraced by the Dominican people is Catholicism. Thus, you can see the image of bible on their national flag.

Dominican Republic Facts 6: Presidente

Presidente means president in English. It is the name for the national Dominican beer. You need to taste it when you hang out in this country.

Dominican Republic map

Dominican Republic map

Dominican Republic Facts 7: baseball

One of the most popular sports in Dominican Republic is baseball. You can see that many baseball players from Dominican Republic work as the key players in famous US baseball teams today.

Dominican Republic Facts 8: Dominican flag

If you visit a new country, the main thing that you need to taste is the local food. The traditional dish that you need to have when you come here is Dominican flag. The dish is created form a combo of chicken, beans and rice.

dominican republic scene

dominican republic scene

Dominican Republic Facts 9: cocoa

One of the biggest producers of cocoa in the world is Dominican Republic. This country can generate 47,000 tons of cocoa or 1.4 percent from the total cocoa production in the world.

Dominican Republic Facts 10: Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta is a very famous designer. He was born in this country. Another man with the descendant of Dominican Republic parents is Felix Sanchez.

Dominican Republic vacation

Dominican Republic vacation

If you like to trip a nice place in Dominican Republic, you can go to Colon Park or Parque Colon. It has the consistory palace and Santo Domingo Cathedral. Do you have any comment on facts about Dominican Republic?

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