10 Interesting Argentina Facts

Monday, November 11th 2013. | Countries

Look at the interesting Argentina facts if you want to know more about the country where the famous football player Lionel Messi and Maradona come from. Argentina is famous with the football players. Many of them can play well and make their country proud. Here are other kinds of facts about Argentina that you have never known before.

Argentina Facts 1: radio broadcasting

One of the first countries which sported radio broadcasting is Argentina. It was in August 1921 that the first radio broadcasting in the country aired. At that time, there were only 20 people who owned a receiver.

Argentina Facts 2: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

The woman president in Argentine elected by the Argentineans was Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. However, she was not the first female president.

Argentina coins

Argentina coins

Argentina Facts 3: Isabel Peron

Isabel Peron was the Argentina first female president. She ruled Argentina in 1974 for 2 years. She was not elected because she replaced his husband who became the president in Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón. At that time, Isabel was the vice president. His husband’s sudden death made her as the first women to rule Argentina.

Argentina Facts 4: Pato

Most people know that the Argentinean love to play football. However, there is a sport name Pato used as the national sport in Argentina.  Pato was derived from the Spanish word. It means duck. The game was a combination of polo, horse riding and basketball.

Argentina facts

Argentina facts

Argentina Facts 5: banned sport

Isabel Peron was the person who made pato as the national sport.  This sport actually was banned by people because it was too violent since they used duck in the game. Thus, there is an change on the game by replacing the duck with a ball.

Argentina Facts 6: gnocchi

Gnocchi is Argentinean favorite food.  It was made from four, potato and salt. It is considered as an affordable meal. People love to eat it on the 29th of each month. The Italian immigrants stated to have brought the tradition in the country.

Argentina people

Argentina people

Argentina Facts 7: the first animated feature films

The first animated feature films were created and released in Argentina. It was in 191 that the movies were created by Quirino Cristiani.

Argentina Facts 8: Walt Disney

After visited the forest in Patagonia, Walt Disney got an inspiration to made a character named Bambi

argentina scene

argentina scene

Argentina Facts 9: movie watching

It seems that Argentinean people love to watch movies. This country is considered as one of the highest rates movie watching in the world.

Argentina Facts 10: plastic surgery

Beauty is very important in Argentina. That’s why many women conduct a plastic surgery.

Argentina Scenery

Argentina Scenery

One of the popular jobs that people can have in Argentina is a psychologist. It is estimated that the country have 145 psychologist per 100,000 residents. Do you have any more facts about Argentina?

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