10 Interesting Uganda Facts

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Uganda Facts inform us with a country located in East Africa. This landlocked country has the official name of Republic of Uganda. It shares border with other countries like Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to the south-west, Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, South Sudan to the north and Kenya to the east. Ethiopia takes the record as the first most populous landlocked country. Uganda takes the second place. A great portion of Lake Victoria is housed in the southern area of Uganda.  This lake is shared with Tanzania and Kenya. Let us find other interesting facts about Uganda:

Uganda Facts 1: the name of the country

The name of the country is derived from the name of Buganda Kingdom. The capital Kampala and a great portion of south of the present-day Uganda were covered by the kingdom.

Uganda Facts 2: the hunter-gatherers

It was traced back 1,700 to 2,300 years ago that Uganda was inhabited by the hunter-gatherers. Get facts about the United States of America here.

Uganda Crane

Uganda Crane

Uganda Facts 3: as British protectorate

Uganda was a British protectorate in 1894. The administrative law was applied here by the British. On 9th October 1962, Uganda was independent from Great Britain. Find facts about the Republic of Congo here.

Uganda Facts 4: the life in Uganda after independence

The life in Uganda after the independence was not stable. It was characterized with the long civil war, which took the life of hundred thousand people. At least a million people were displaced from the country.

Uganda Facts

Uganda Facts

Uganda Facts 5: the official language

English is the official language in the country. The people also speak Luganda, which serves as the central language. Other languages include Luo, Rukiga, Runyankole and Runyoro.

Uganda Facts 6: Yoweri Museveni

Yoweri Museveni had a guerilla war in the country for 6 years. In January 1986, it earned the power. He is the president of Uganda.

Uganda People

Uganda People

Uganda Facts 7: Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the biggest lakes in Uganda. It influences the south part of Uganda. There is no need to wonder that the prominent cities are located in the south such as the city of Entebbe and the capital Kampala. Moreover, the lake has many islands.

Uganda Facts 8: the center of Uganda

The center of Uganda is occupied by Lake Kyoga. The marshy areas are seen around the lake.

Facts about Uganda

Facts about Uganda

Uganda Facts 9: the large lake

Besides Lake Victoria, Uganda is also a home of other large lakes such as Lake Edward, Lake George and Lake Albert.

Uganda Facts 10: national parks

Uganda has 10 national parks. They include Kibale National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.



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