10 Interesting Gibraltar Facts

Tuesday, February 18th 2014. | Countries

Gibraltar facts give you fascinating information about Gibraltar.  This area is ceded to Great Britain since the Treaty of Utrecht. When we talk about history, it will be exciting to find out about Gibraltar. In this post I will show the law and history of Gibraltar:

Gibraltar Facts 1: votes

A referendum was created in 1967. All people were allowed to vote whether Gibraltar will remain to British or not. The result was very surprising since 99.64 percent of the votes states that it remained to Great Britain.

Gibraltar Facts 2: nationality

98.5 percent voters rejected a proposal to share the nationality of Spanish and British in 2002.

Gibraltar facts

Gibraltar facts

Gibraltar Facts 3: St Bernard of Clairvaux

Do you know the patron saint of Gibraltar? He was St Bernard of Clairvaux.

Gibraltar Facts 4: moor

It seems that moors were not accepted in Gibraltar.   The patron stain’s feast day on 29th August 1462 made the moors excluded from Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Football

Gibraltar Football

Gibraltar Facts 5: macaque monkeys

You are wrong if you think that the Barbary apes in the Gibraltar are the real apes. Actually they are not apes.  Macaque monkeys which do not have any tails are called the Barbary apes.

Gibraltar Facts 6: feeding

If you decide to visit Gibraltar, you need to be aware with the rules and laws here. You will be punished under the Gibraltar law if you are caught giving the macaques food. You will be in charge with the fine up to £4,000.

Gibraltar Scenery

Gibraltar Scenery

Gibraltar Facts 7: population

The population of the people living in Gibraltar is a high. In each square mile, you can find 11,007 people.  The population density of Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Monaco can exceed the Gibraltar’s population density.

Gibraltar Facts 8: Miss Mercedes Gleitze

Miss Mercedes Gleitze gained to fame after she could swim across the Straits of Gibraltar.  She was considered as the first person to do it. This woman came from UK and did the action in 1928.

Gibraltar View

Gibraltar View

Gibraltar Facts 9: Bleak House

Bleak House is a famous novel by English author, Charles Dickens. The word Gibraltar can be found in this novel.

Gibraltar Facts 10: Olympic team

To make the people in Gibraltar took action on the Olympic team, they has to wait for the IOC approval.



In 1976, Peter Dignan, a Gibraltarian got a bronze in the Olympic for the New Zealand. Are you interested with facts about Gibraltar?

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