10 Interesting Venezuela Facts

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Venezuela Facts inform us with a country located at the northern coast of South America, which has the official name of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This federal republic shares the border with a number of countries such as Trinidad and Tobago to the northeast, Guyana on the east, Brazil on the south and Colombia on the west.  It is inhabited by 31775371 people. The country covers the area of 353,841 square miles or 916,445 km square. Find out the complete information about Venezuela by reading the following post below:

Venezuela Facts 1: the biodiversity

The biodiversity of Venezuela is varied. According to the number of species, which inhabit the country, it is ranked at No. In the world.

Venezuela Facts 2: the habitat of the species

The species, which live in Venezuela, can be found spreading in many regions of the country such as the Amazon basin rainforest, Orinoco River Delta, Andes Mountains, Carribean coast and Ilanos plains. Look at facts about Uganda here.

Facts about Venezuela

Facts about Venezuela

Venezuela Facts 3: colonization

In 1522, Spain colonized Venezuela even though the native people who lived in the region tried to resist them.

Venezuela Facts 4: the independence

One of the first colonies of Spain, which tried to declare the independence, was Venezuela. In 1830, Venezuela earned the full independence. However, the country was controlled by the military strongmen called regional caudillos during the 19th century until 20th century.  The reign was characterized by the presence of autocracy and political turmoil. A series of democratic government were tried to establish in Venezuela since 1958.

Venezuela History

Venezuela History

Venezuela Facts 5: the economic shocks

The people had to experience the political crises because of the economic shocks in 1980 until 1990s.

Venezuela Facts 6: the political crises

In 1989, Caracazo riots occurred in the state. In 1992, two coups occurred. In 1993, President Carlos Andrés Pérez was impeached from his office.

Venezuela Pic

Venezuela Pic

Venezuela Facts 7: the oil discovery

In the beginning of 20th century, oil was discovered in Venezuela. Today, it earns the status as the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. Look at facts about Vanuatu here.

Venezuela Facts 8: agriculture

Agriculture in Venezuela still flourishes with the production of cocoa and coffee.



Venezuela Facts 9: the annual rainfall

The annual rainfall in Venezuela is around 16.9 inches or 430 mm. In November to April, it has the low level of precipitation.

Venezuela Facts 10: the animal species

The animal species, which occupy Venezuela, include Orinoco crocodiles, Amazon River dolphins, two-toed sloth, three-toed sloth and manatees.

Venezuela Facts

Venezuela Facts

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