10 Interesting Vampire Bat Facts

Sunday, June 9th 2013. | Animals

Vampire Bat facts make you realize the nature of this animal. Many people think that this animal is a blood sucker. When talking about vampire, you will think about Dracula. You need to know more about their characters and nature. Thus, you will never end up in wrong conclusion of vampire bats. Here are the facts to concern.

Vampire Bat Facts 1: Mammal

If you think that vampire bats are included as a bird family you are wrong. They are the only mammal which can fly away. When they fly in the air, you can see how fast and powerful they are. Bats have thin wings. Read mammal facts to know other animals.

Vampire Bat Facts 2: Diet

I know that you want to know more about their food. This animals love to eat mosquito. They are a good mosquito catcher. In an hour, they can eat 1,200 mosquitoes or insects. More than 20 million of Mexican free tallied insects live in Bracken Cave. Each night those bats eat more than 200 tons of insects. Read bat facts to get the details.

Baby Vampire Bat

Baby Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat Facts 3: No Sucking Blood

Many people consider vampire bats as a blood sucker. But it is not true for they only lap the blood. They do not suck it.

Vampire Bat Facts 4: Metabolism

The metabolism system of vampire is great. They can eat as they want. They do not need to be afraid of fat. They can eat many kinds of fruits like berries, mangoes and banana in 20 minutes.

Vampire Bat Wings

Vampire Bat Wings

Vampire Bat Facts 5: Sleeping Time

During the day bats will love to sleep for they are nocturnal animals. They will gather food when the night comes.  However, they will sleep inside the cave with total darkness.

Vampire Bat Facts 6: Colonies

Vampire bats live in colonies. A group of vampire bats consist of 100 animals. But colonies can gather more than 1000 vampire bats.

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat Facts 7: Rabies

There is a wrong stereotype related to vampire bats. Many movies show people that bats will bite people. It is true for bats will avoid human being. If under any circumstance a bat bites you, you will be fine if you go to the doctor immediately.

Vampire Bat Facts 8: Hunting Time

The hunting time begins when the night comes. The vampire bat’s victim usually is the sleeping horses, cows and goats. They will drink the victim’s blood for 30 minutes.

Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats

Vampire Bat Facts 9: Young Vampire Bats

The diet for the young vampire bats is totally different with adult vampire bats.  They will prefer milk to blood. They will drink it for 3 month.

Vampire Bat Facts 10: Habitat of Vampire Bats

If you want to see the vampire bats, you can go to their habitats such as South America, Central America and Mexico.

Vampire Bat Facts

Vampire Bat Facts

Vampire bats can be dangerous when they come in colonies. It will be impossible for the cattle to run away when being bitten by hundreds or thousands of bats.  Have you learned much on facts about vampire bats?

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