10 Interesting Mammal Facts

Wednesday, June 19th 2013. | Animals

I will give you more information about mammal facts in this article. The characteristic, life span, life cycle, and food of this animal need to be learned if you like to know more about it. Scientists have observed mammals from time to time and they can give you the interesting facts on the explanation below:

Mammal Facts 1: Groups of Mammals

There are 21 groups of mammals. Some scientists have different opinions for the division of mammals. The mammals include marsupials, carnivores, ungulates, rodents, cetaceans, primates, elephants, bats and many more.

Mammal Facts 2: Species of Mammals

When talking about the species of mammals, it falls between 4,500 to 5,000 species. Bats, rodents, marsupials, and primates come with 977, 1700, 292, and 356 species respectively.



Mammal Facts 3: The First Mammal

The first mammal is not a primate but it is included in a group of reptiles called therapists. They live in Jurassic period.

Mammal Facts 4: Warm Blood

Mammals can generate their internal heat. Thus, it is called as warm blooded animals.



Mammal Facts 5: Hairs

Hair is one of the characteristics that a mammal has. The hair is important for mammals. It can be used as a camouflage from the predator, to protect the skin and for insulation. The hair can be in the form of spines, whisker, fur and horns.

Mammal Facts 6: Age of Mammals

The Age of Mammals is called as Cenozoic era. It occurs 65 million years ago till today. The era represents the dominance of mammals on earth.

Mammal Facts

Mammal Facts

Mammal Facts 7: Blue whale

Do you know the largest mammal in the world?   It is blue whale. The weight can reach 176 tons. The second largest animal is the fin whale. It has the weight around 82 tons. Check blue whale facts to know the characteristics of the animal.

Mammal Facts 8: Bumblebee Bat

The record of the smallest mammal in the world is taken by bumblebee bat. Some people also call this animal as Kitti’s hog-nosed bat. It only has the weight around 2 gram. The animal inhabits Burma and Thailand. You can this vulnerable animal living in limestone caves on both countries. Read bat facts to get the detail information.

Mammal in a Pool

Mammal in a Pool

Mammal Facts 9: Female Pacific Grey Whale

Female Pacific Grey Whale is strong and powerful. It breeds the baby gray whale with the weight around 2000 pounds. It can migrate to reach 1000 miles on the sea. The strength of this animal is wonderful for it can generate 6 tons of breast milk without eating any food. The fuel for the breast milk is from her bubbler.

Mammal Facts 10: Giraffe

Giraffe is a very tall animal. Unlike any other species of mammals, this animal will never use their energy to play, jump or run. They need to save energy to boost the growth.



Another mammal which can attract your eyes is a polar bear. When you see it, you will be amazed with the white fur. Actually it doesn’t have any white fur. The glow for sunlight makes it look white. After reading the facts about mammal, what have you learned?

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