10 Interesting Clown Fish Facts

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Clown fish facts give the information about the underwater animal. It is cute and fun. This animal is familiar with his mutual symbiotic with the sea anemone. The anemone’s tentacles will never poison the clownfish. Thus, you do not need to wonder if you find that many clown fish use the sea anemones as their place for living. Others which come closer to the anemones usually will be paralyzed because of the poisonous tentacles. Here are the complete facts about the fascinating clown fish:

Clown Fish Facts 1: Family

All clown fish are included in Damselfish family. It is estimated that that there are 28 different clown fish in the world.

Clown Fish Facts 2: Sex

All clownfish will come with male sex.   Among the clown fish, there is a dominant female in the group. If the female dies, one of the male clownfish will transform the sex from male into female. Read puffer fish facts here.

clown fish and sea anemone

clown fish and sea anemone

Clown Fish Facts 3: Food

Clownfish will eat the left food from the sea anemones. The animal has to wait for the sea anemones to paralyze the prey before they can eat the food left behind by the anemones.

Clown Fish Facts 4: Nature

Don’t misunderstand with the term clown in the clown fish. This animal has very territorial and aggressive nature.

Clown fish cute

Clown fish cute

Clown Fish Facts 5: Monogamous Animal

Clown fish is an example of monogamous animals.   The male and female will mate for a life. If the female dies, the male will turn their sex into female. The off spring will mate with the female.

Clown Fish Facts 6: Finding Nemo

If you love cartoon movie, you know finding nemo. This movie gives you the full depiction of clown fish with the name Nemo. This movie was made by Disney in 2003. It is the clown fish with the species Percula clown fish.

Clown fish facts

Clown fish facts

Clown Fish Facts 7: Benefits of Sea Anemone

The symbiotic mutualism occurred between sea anemones and clown fish. The clown fish can get the food from sea anemone. The sea anemones tentacles are clean because clownfish removes the parasites from all tentacles. See hammerhead shark facts here.

Clown Fish Facts 8: Eggs

The male clownfish is very protective.   It is the duty of the male clown fish to take care the eggs after the female lays it. The eggs will be hatched in seven days. In a period, the female clown fish can lay up to 1000 eggs.

Clown Fish Funny

Clown Fish Funny

Clown Fish Facts 9: Size

The size of clownfish is differentiated based on the size. The male clownfish is smaller compared to the female counterparts.

Clown Fish Facts 10: Color

The fish is called as clownfish because it has a unique color. The animals have the black and white color which resembles the look of a clown.

clown fish swims

clown fish swims

There are many predators which hunt clownfish because the striking color on their body. It is easy to identify the clownfish. The only thing to survive is by hiding among the anemones which can give the clownfish source of food and safe place to live. Thus, the animals are poor swimmer. They only swim around the sea anemones. What do you think on facts about clownfish?

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