10 Interesting Uruguay Facts

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Uruguay Facts tell the readers with a country located in South America. The official name is Oriental Republic of Uruguay.  It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast and River of Silver to the south. The countries, which share border with Uruguay, are Brazil and Argentina. The metropolitan area of Montevideo, which serves as the largest city and capital, is inhabited by 1.8 million people. The total population who lives in the country is 3.42 million. Let us get other interesting facts about Uruguay below:

Uruguay Facts 1: the size of Uruguay

In South America, Uruguay earns the status as the second-smallest country. It has the area of 68,000 square miles or 176,000 square km.

Uruguay Facts 2: the settlement in Uruguay

For more than 4,000 years, Uruguay had been occupied by the Charrúa people. Then Colonia del Sacramento was established in the region by the Portuguese people.

Uruguay Facts

Uruguay Facts

Uruguay Facts 3: in beginning of 18th century

In the beginning of 18th century, Spanish constructed a military stronghold in Montevideo.  In 1811 until 1828, Uruguay had to struggle hard to win their independence by fighting Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal.

Uruguay Facts 4: the modern Uruguay

The head of government and head of state in Uruguay is at the hand of the president for it applies the democratic constitutional republic. Find facts about United Kingdom here.

Uruguay Pic

Uruguay Pic

Uruguay Facts 5: the record of Uruguay

Uruguay has an amazing record in Latin America. It takes the first based on the press freedom, lack of corruption, peace, democracy, prosperity, and e-government.

Uruguay Facts 6: export

There are various products exported by Uruguay. They include milk, malt, frozen beef, soybeans, rice and combed wool.

Uruguay Plants

Uruguay Plants

Uruguay Facts 7: the electricity

The wind parks and hydroelectric facilities in Uruguay produce almost 95 percent of the electricity.

Uruguay Facts 8: a liberal nation

Uruguay earns the title as a liberal nation in the world for it legalizes abortion and same-sex marriage. The consumption, sales and production of cannabis will be legalized too. The country has high level of tolerance and personal rights.

Uruguay President

Uruguay President

Uruguay Facts 9: the flora

The national flower of the country is Erythrina crista. It is commonly called as Ceibo. Actually, Uruguay is a home for at least 2,500 species. Get facts about United Arab Emirates here.

Uruguay Facts 10: the climate

Uruguay is situated in a temperate zone. Most areas have the similar fashion of climate. During the autumn season, the country faces the heaviest rainy season.

Facts about Uruguay

Facts about Uruguay

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