10 Interesting Somalia Facts

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Somalia Facts tell you about the country in Africa. The official name of this country is Federal Republic of Somalia. It shares border with other countries in Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia. Somalia is filled with highlands, plains and plateaus if you check the topography. Here are some interesting facts about Somalia for you:

Somalia Facts 1: the climate

The people in Somalia experience the hot climate all year around. The rainfall is irregular. There are also periodic monsoon winds.

Somalia Facts 2: the climate

Let’s find out the climate in Somalia. The people experience the irregular rainfall and periodic monsoon winds.  This country also has the hot climate all year around.

Somalia People

Somalia People

Somalia Facts 3: the population

There are 10 million people who live in Somalia. The ethnic Somalis make up 85 percent from the whole population. The ethnic minorities live in the southern parts of the country, the ethnic majorities live in the northen part of Somalia.

Somalia Facts 4: a commercial center

Somali was a prominent commercial center in the past. The regional trade was dominated by Somalia during the middle Ages.

Somalia Africa

Somalia Africa

Somalia Facts 5: the official languages

Arabic and Somali are the two official languages spoken by people in Somalia. The Sunni people dominate the country. Check Senegal facts here.

Somalia Facts 6: the cuisine

It is not easy to find out the exact cuisine in Somali for it may vary based on the region in the country. All food served in the country is halal. It means that you will not find any alcohol, blood or even pork dishes served in the country.

Somalia Pic

Somalia Pic

Somalia Facts 7: the main dish

The main dishes in Somalia are made of different kinds of bariis or rice. The common spices to create the cuisine in Somalia include cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, garden sage and cloves.

Somalia Facts 8: the music

The musical heritage can be traced back from the traditional Somali folklore.   The Somali songs are made in pentatonic style.



Somalia Facts 9: the writers

There are several famous writers who come from Somalia. Those include Faarax M.J. Cawl and Nuruddin Farah.  In 1998, Farah received Neustadt International Prize for Literature.  The famous book of Farah is From a Crooked Rib and Links. Get facts about Africa here.

Somalia Facts 10: the most popular sport

Can you guess the most popular sport in Somalia? It is football.  The country has the national football team to represent Somalia in the international competition.  The national competitions include Somalia Cup and Somalia League. Other interesting sports in the country include martial arts and basketball.

Somalia Facts

Somalia Facts

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