10 Interesting Sierra Leone Facts

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Sierra Leone Facts present the interesting information about the country located in West Africa.  The official name of this country is Republic of Sierra Leone. It shares border with Liberia and Guinea. If you come to Sierra Leone, you can find not only rainforest, but also savannah.  It has the tropical climate. Let’s find out more amazing facts about Sierra Leone in the below post:

Sierra Leone Facts 1: the population and total area of Sierra Leona

Sierra Leone was inhabited by 6 million individuals based on the report from UN in 2011. It has the total area of 27,699 square miles or 71,740 km2.

Sierra Leone Facts 2: geographical zones

There are four geographical zones which divide Sierra Leone. Those are Western Area, Eastern Province, Northern Province and Southern Province.

Sierra Leone People

Sierra Leone People

Sierra Leone Facts 3: the capital of Sierra Leone

Can you tell me the capital of Sierra Leone? It is Freetown. It is considered as the political and economic center of Sierra Leone. Moreover, Freetown takes the record as the largest city in the country.

Sierra Leone Facts 4: other important cities in Sierra Leona

There are other important cities in Sierra Leone which include Koidu, Makeni, Kenema and Bo. The latter one is considered as the second economic center of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Mining

Sierra Leone Mining

Sierra Leone Facts 5: the ethnic groups

There are several ethnic groups who live in Sierra Leone. The Mende and Temne people are considered as the most influential groups in the country. The Mende people inhabit most parts of the southern east of Sierra Leone. On the other hand, the north part of the country is dominated by the Temne people.

Sierra Leone Facts 6: the religion

Islam is considered as the dominant religion in Sierra Leone. The minor religion is Christianity. The Christian and Muslim people live side by side in peace. They have great tolerance of each other.

Sierra Leone Map

Sierra Leone Map

Sierra Leone Facts 7: the official language

The official language in the country is English. The people will use English in the government administration and school. But the people also use Krio language to speak with other people.

Sierra Leone Facts 8: the diamond

The economy of Sierra Leone lies much on mining. It is famous with diamond mining.

Sierra Leone Facts

Sierra Leone Facts

Sierra Leone Facts 9: other mining materials

Other mining materials discovered in Sierra Leone include bauxites, rutile, gold and titanium. Find out gold mining facts here.

Sierra Leone Facts 10: poverty

Do you know that more than 70 percent of the people in Sierra Leone live in poverty? It is sad to know that the people have to struggle to live despite the high exploitation of natural resources. Get facts about diamond here.

Sierra Leone Diamond

Sierra Leone Diamond

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