10 Interesting Mirror Facts

Friday, August 1st 2014. | Science

Mirror Facts present the information about the myth, history and scientific uses of a mirror.  When you look at mirror, you can see your own face. Mirror is one of the important items to have in the men’s and women’s closet. It helps you to get dressed well. Here are facts about mirror for you:

Mirror Facts 1: superstition

Mirror is associated with superstition that some people still believe till today. You will have seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror. This belief is traced back since the old roman legend.

Mirror Facts 2: spirit

Another belief states that a mirror can trap a spirit. You can see it in a horror where a person can beat an evil soul or ghost inside a mirror.

Mirror Beauty

Mirror Beauty

Mirror Facts 3: usage of mirror at home

Even though mirror is associated with superstition and spirit, people are not afraid to include mirror inside their home.  This item is great for a decorating tool at home. You can place it on the wall of a living room to reflect the light and bring bigger appearance at home.

Mirror Facts 4: reverses your image

If you think that a mirror is reversing your image, you are totally wrong. Actually it is a myth. It is only an illusion on the ordinary mirror that you buy on the supermarket.

Mirror Facts

Mirror Facts

Mirror Facts 5: a true mirror

Today people can create or buy a true mirror. This term is used to call the non reversing mirror. You just have to get two mirrors and place them at 90 degree angles. Then you can find the refection of a true mirror at the join.

Mirror Facts 6: reflection

Many people think that a mirror can only reflect the light. But actually it can reflect matter and sound. The scientists also use mirror to split light beams. The concept can be found in telescopes.

Mirror Pic

Mirror Pic

Mirror Facts 7: the beam splitter

Two glass prisms are joined at the base to make a basic beam splitter. You can find the high technology beam splitter, but the basic one is from glass prism. The main function of a beam splitter is to decrease the loss of light.

Mirror Facts 8: how the brain works

The scientists realize on how the brain works by using a mirror. The tool is called a smoke and mirrors. Check brain facts here.

Mirror Reflection

Mirror Reflection

Mirror Facts 9: Hallucinations

Some people believe that staring at the mirror in a very dark room can create hallucination. You try it at home by gazing in front of the mirror in a dark room for 10 minutes. You need to stay away from the mirror at least 3 meter. Ensure that you can see the reflection even though you are far away from the mirror in a dark room.

Mirror Facts 10: mirror recognition

Most children realize the mirror recognition when they are 24 months.



The researchers conducted in non western areas such as Kenya and Fiji find out that the children cannot recognize their face when seeing the mirror. Do you want to give comment on facts about mirror?

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