10 Interesting Aluminum Facts

Thursday, November 7th 2013. | Science

Aluminum facts give you the information about the natural element used in many kinds of industries. Aluminum is considered as a cool stuff. It is modern, slim, sturdy and sleek. You can find aluminum used to create can, bottle and many other products. Here are some interesting facts about aluminum:

Aluminum Facts 1: charactertistics of aluminum

Aluminum is considered as a non toxic material which is strong, non magnetic and corrosion resistant. It is very light so that many people use it as a can and bottle.

Aluminum Facts 2: recycled material

If you want to reduce the effect of global warming, you can have the aluminum can recycled. By using aluminum, you can have a recycled material. Among metal, glass paper and plastic, aluminum is the most recyclable material.



Aluminum Facts 3: high quality material

Aluminum is considered as the high quality material.  It can be recycled not once, but many times. What about the quality? The recyclable products are as good as the first aluminum products.

Aluminum Facts 4: production of aluminum

More than 2/3 of aluminum generated by the industries in this recent day is still used by people over and over.

Aluminum Can

Aluminum Can

Aluminum Facts 5: an element on earth

The third most common element on the crust of earth is aluminum. It is very abundant in our planet.

Aluminum Facts 6: recycle comparison

Compared to glass and plastic, people can recycle more the aluminum material.  People can only get 25 percent glass and plastic, while the aluminum material is 50 percent.

Aluminum Clad Steel

Aluminum Clad Steel

Aluminum Facts 7: name

Many people know the most common metal is aluminum, but you should never get wondered when people call it as aluminium.

Aluminum Facts 8: density

The density of aluminum is only 1/3 from steel. Therefore, the metal is very sleek, slim and lightweight.  It is easy for you to carry the aluminum without a help.

Aluminum Facts

Aluminum Facts

Aluminum Facts 9: non toxic material

Because of the non toxic feature of aluminum, this material has been used in many foodstuffs. The kitchen utensils and appliances are created mostly from aluminum. You can also see aluminum foil used to cover the food when you want to make it warm inside the microwave.

Aluminum Facts 10: Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is very useful in the pharmaceutical industry. This item has been used to cover medicines, capsule and table because the item can resist to bacteria, oxygen and light.


Aluminum Metal

Aluminum Metal

You are wrong if you think that aluminum is not strong. This material can match the strength of steel if you look at the aluminum alloys. The items are used in the packing, construction, auto manufacturing and transportation industry. Do you have question on facts about aluminum?

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