10 Interesting Roman Numerals Facts

Tuesday, October 18th 2016. | Science

If you like to study about history, Roman Numerals Facts will give you many insights. The history of the numeric system was traced back into the ancient Rome. The European people who live during the Late Middle Ages applied the system in their writing. One common practice of writing the Roman numbers is the usage of letters adapted from the Latin alphabet. Let us check other interesting facts about Roman Numerals below:

Roman Numerals Facts 1: the symbols

The seven symbols are employed in Roman numeric system. Each symbol represents different value. The symbol I is used to represent 1. The symbols V, X, and L are used to refer to 5, 10 and 10 respectively. The last three symbols of C, D, and M are used to represent the value of 100, 500 and 1,000 respectively.

Roman Numerals Facts 2: the use of Roman numeric system

Even though the Roman Empire declined, people still applied the Roman numeric system. However, the Hindu-Arabic numeric system began to take over the place of Roman numeral. People are comfortable using Hindu-Arabic numeric system. Today, the Roman numerals are still used in certain project.

roman numerals image

roman numerals image

Roman Numerals Facts 3: the modern usage

Even though it is not common to use the Roman numeral in the modern era, people still apply it. The standard form is used. During the medieval and modern time, the inconsistency has been spotted for the usage of Roman numeric system.

Roman Numerals Facts 4: the official content

The official content often features the usage of Roman numerals. They can be found in documents.

roman numerals pic

roman numerals pic

Roman Numerals Facts 5: the introduction of the Hindu-Arabic numerals

The traders and arithmetic treaties from Arabian land introduced the Hindu-Arabic numerals in 11th century.

Roman Numerals Facts 6: the name of popes and monarchs

The usage of Roman numerals can be seen on the name of the popes and monarchs such as in King Henry VIII, Pope Benedict XVI and Queen Elizabeth II. Check facts about Roman Baths here.

roman numerals

roman numerals

Roman Numerals Facts 7: in popular culture

The video games, novels, and movies, which have sequels, are written using Roman numeric system.

Roman Numerals Facts 8: the Olympic Games

One of the popular sporting events in the world is Olympic Games. The event is written in Roman system too like in the Games of the XXX Olympiad.

roman numerals facts

roman numerals facts

Roman Numerals Facts 9: astronomy

Roman numerals are applied in astronomy too. The Roman numerals will be used to designate the moon of a planet. Saturn VI is used to call Titan.

Roman Numerals Facts 10: chemistry

The periodic table of chemistry features the Roman numerals. Look at facts about the Roman Forum here.

facts about roman numerals

facts about roman numerals

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