10 Interesting Rock Facts

Friday, March 20th 2015. | Science

If you are interested to know different kinds of rocks, you have to check Rock Facts. The classification of this rock is determined by the way the rocks are formed. The igneous rock is formed by the magma raised to the surface of earth. When it hardens, it forms the igneous rock.  Basalt and pumice are the examples of igneous rocks. You can differentiate it from the texture since most ingenious rocks have glassy texture. Let’s find out more facts about rock below:

Rock Facts 1: basalt and pumice

Basalt is mostly used in statues or building. The cement, toothpaste, and cosmetic products often contain pumice.

Rock Facts 2: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the famous buildings in the world. It is located in Agra, India.  Do you know that the whole building is made of marble? Marble is originated from limestone.

Rock Facts

Rock Facts

Rock Facts 3: the sedimentary rocks

The formation of sedimentary rock is from the breaking down of the older rocks. Then it is compacted together. Breccias and sand stones are included as the classic sedimentary rocks.

Rock Facts 4: the function of sedimentary rocks

Let’s find out the function of sedimentary rocks. Since the prehistoric era, this stone has been used to create different kinds of house wares. The coal and limestone are the examples of the organic sedimentary rocks. People can get tar and petroleum from the organic sedimentary rock.

Rock Image

Rock Image

Rock Facts 5: sandstone

Sandstone comes in various types. It can be in brown stone that many people used during the civil war to build the houses. In the prehistoric time, it was used to create the house ware. The material is very popular to construct buildings, fountains and statues since it can resist to weather.

Rock Facts 6: obsidian rock

Obsidian rock has glassy appearance.  It can be created near the active volcanoes.

Rock Pic

Rock Pic

Rock Facts 7: marble

Most marbles come in white color. But you can get it in various colors when you are in the home improvement stores. You can get marble in black, white, cream, or even brown. Get facts about gemstone here.

Rock Facts 8: marble in the ancient time

Marble has been used since the ancient time for reconstructing the building. The floor looks magnificent if it is made from marble.  You can also use marble to create statues.

Rock Pictures

Rock Pictures

Rock Facts 9: the price of marble

Marble is very expensive since this rock is durable and beautiful. If you want to get the alternative for marble, you can buy the plaster fresco.

Rock Facts 10: Limestone

Limestone always contains impurities. It is not easy to find out the pure white limestone. You can find it in any colors due to the presence of calcium carbonate in this rock. Get facts about limestone here.



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