10 Interesting Photosynthesis Facts

Wednesday, October 15th 2014. | Science

If you like to study about plants, you need to check out Photosynthesis Facts. Photosynthesis is not only important for the life of human being but also for the life of animals all over the world. Without Photosynthesis, the carbon dioxide cannot be recycled to produce oxygen. Here are some facts about Photosynthesis for you:

Photosynthesis Facts 1: Photosynthesis and plant

The only living thing in the world which can create their own food is plants. They create the food from the Photosynthesis process.  The plants need sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to create the food.

Photosynthesis Facts 2: the shape of plants

Photosynthesis affects the life of the plants a lot. If you look at the conifers and pine trees, most of them grow in triangle shape. It is due to the fact that the trees need more sunlight to do Photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis  Pic

Photosynthesis Pic

Photosynthesis Facts 3: old plants

Photosynthesis is not only occurred on the new plants but also on the old plants. They can survive if they can create their own food. One of the unique plants that you can find in African desert is Tree Tumbo. This tree can live up to 1000 years. It only has two board leaves used for the Photosynthesis. Find out plant facts here.

Photosynthesis Facts 4: animal and Photosynthesis

Many people think that only plants can make their own food. Do you know that sea slugs can do Photosynthesis?  These animals can make their own energy.

Photosynthesis Cycle

Photosynthesis Cycle

Photosynthesis Facts 5: food energy for animals

To get the food energy, the animals need plants or other animals. Actually sea slugs can make their own energy even though this animal feeds on algae.

Photosynthesis Facts 6: Photosynthesis Boys Are Back

It is quite surprising to know that photosynthetic has inspired people to create a song. Have you ever heard ‘Photosynthesis Boys Are Back” song? It was sung by a group from Westwood High School in Austin, Texas in 2001. This song is unique so that the group won a contest held by Science Songwriters Association.

Photosynthesis Facts

Photosynthesis Facts

Photosynthesis Facts 7: ecosystem

Without photosynthesis, our ecosystem will be ruined without energy.  The energy will be produced after the tree applies Photosynthesis process.

Photosynthesis Facts 8: food production

Producing the food is done by the plants in Photosynthesis. Many of them save the food for the winter season. Some plants only do Photosynthesis in the summer and spring seasons.

Photosynthesis Image

Photosynthesis Image

Photosynthesis Facts 9: Photosynthesis and sugar molecules

During the Photosynthesis, the plants produce the sugar molecules. Do you know that these molecules can be found in other living organisms in the form of amino acids, lipids and proteins?

Photosynthesis Facts 10: bacteria

Do you know that a certain single bacteria can do Photosynthesis?  They include chemosynthetic bacteria and protists.



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