10 Interesting Ice Hockey Facts

Thursday, April 3rd 2014. | Sports

Ice Hockey facts bring the information about one of the popular sports in the world. Hockey is also included as the oldest sport. People love to play hockey on the ice rink for it is challenging and fun. Find out more the history and the rules of hockey below:

Ice Hockey Facts 1:ice rink

It seems that each country has their standard ice rink. The standard for the North American ice rink is 85 feet wide and 200 feet long.

Ice Hockey Facts 2: Wayne Gretzky

The player who can hold the record of 61 NHL is only Wayne Gretzky.

Ice Hockey Action

Ice Hockey Action

Ice Hockey Facts 3: Stanley Cup

The most prestigious  prize in ice hockey sport is the Stanley Cup. The first creation  of this cup was in 1893.

Ice Hockey Facts 4: Phil Esposito

Phil Esposito  is the first player who broke the record of  having 100 points in a season. He was considered as the first NHL player who can did it in 1969 from the Boston Bruins.

Ice Hockey facts

Ice Hockey facts

Ice Hockey Facts 5: The Hockey Hall of Fame

The people who love with hockey can go to Toronto, Ontario.  It is the home to the famous Hockey Hall of Fame.

Ice Hockey Facts 6: hockey pucks

The staff will freeze the honey pucks before the hockey games.  They want to prevent the hockey puck from bouncing.

Ice Hockey Pic

Ice Hockey Pic

Ice Hockey Facts 7: Craig MacTavish

Craig MacTavish is a famous hockey player announced his retirement in 1997. He is considered as the last player playing  the hockey game without using a helmet.

Ice Hockey Facts 8: The first hockey puck

The material used to create the first hockey puck was the frozen cow dung. It was the puck used by the people in 1800s.

Ice Hockey Players

Ice Hockey Players

Ice Hockey Facts 9:name of Stanley cup

The Stanley cup is derived from the name of Lord Stanley of Preston. In 1893, this former Canadian Governor General gave the trophy  in the hockey game.

Ice Hockey Facts 10: Manon Rhéaume

Manon Rhéaume was famous as the first women who took part in NIHL in 1992. She played for Tampa Bay Lightning.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

If you want to become a good player, you  need to practice a lot. Are you interested with facts about Ice Hockey?

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