10 Interesting Exercise Facts

Monday, January 20th 2014. | Sports

Those who want to stay healthy need to read the valuable exercise facts. Exercise is very important to our daily life. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to keep the body young and fresh all of the time. Let me show you the real facts about exercise below:

Exercise Facts 1: lower mortality risk

If you want to have a lowered mortality risk for 14 percent, you need to do exercise at least 15 minutes a day. You can go swimming, jogging or even running.

Exercise Facts 2: dark chocolate

You can increase the rate of metabolism after you work out by eating the right food. The performance of your body can be increased up to 50 percent after your eat a small amount of dark chocolate.

Exercise facts

Exercise facts

Exercise Facts 3: erectile dysfunction

If you are a man who wants to enjoy a good sexual life, ensure that you always work out every day. It is stated that you can reduce the case of erectile dysfunction if you like to exercise in routine program.

Exercise Facts 4: sport

There are many kinds of sport that you can do to lower the risk of facing the erectile dysfunction. You can enjoy playing tennis or even badminton with friends.

Exercise Pic

Exercise Pic

Exercise Facts 5: Depressed people

In this busy and isolated world, people tend to get depressed because of their social environment. To decrease the impact of depression, you can do a regular erotic which can reduce the impact up to 47 percent.

Exercise Facts 6: degree of education

The recent report stated that 39 percent of the people with bachelor degrees end up in an exercise three times a week. On the other hand, the people with less than a high school diploma can contribute 13 percent for the exercise value.

Exercise Types

Exercise Types

Exercise Facts 7: music

Music is very important when you work out. Your performance will be increased 15 percent if you work out while listening to music.

Exercise Facts 8: benefit of music listening

When you exercise, you can listen to music using headset. You can reduce perception of effort and diminish fatigue.

Exercise Woman

Exercise Woman

Exercise Facts 9: waiters

In average of working in a day, you can see that a waiter walks twice as much as police officer and lawyers.

Exercise Facts 10: men and women in exercise

Compared to women, there is 6 percent of more men work out regularly.



If you want to stay healthy, you need to concern working out every day. You need to burn the calories in the body to keep your organ and body shape great. Do you have any opinion on facts about exercise?

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