10 Interesting Wimbledon Facts

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Wimbledon Facts tell us about the world’s oldest tennis tournament in the world. It is also called The Championships, Wimbledon.   The tennis players like to compete in the tournament for it is considered as the most prestigious event.  Since 1877, All England Club in Wimbledon has organized the event. The competition is located on an outdoor grass courts. There are four Grand Slam tennis tournaments in the world. They are Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Open. Let us find out other interesting facts about Wimbledon below:

Wimbledon Facts 1: on-grass event

The only major tennis tournament, which plays on the grass, is Wimbledon. Since 1988, the hard-court has been used by the Australian Open.

Wimbledon Facts 2: schedule

In the late June and early July, Wimbledon will be held for more than two weeks. During the second Saturday and Sunday of July, the main events will be held for the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Singles Final respectively.

Facts about Wimbledon

Facts about Wimbledon

Wimbledon Facts 3: the annual event

The annual events held in Wimbledon include the invitational, junior and major events.

Wimbledon Facts 4: tradition

The tennis players who compete in Wimbledon have to follow the strict tradition in Wimbledon. The royal patronage and competitors should wear a strict dress code.

Wimbledon Roof

Wimbledon Roof

Wimbledon Facts 5: sponsor advertising

Around the courts, you will never find any sponsor advertising which makes this event prominent in the world. It employs special tradition.

Wimbledon Facts 6: the loss of playing time

The loss of playing time is reduced by the presence of a retractable roof installed at Wimbledon’s Centre Court in 2009. During the rainy season, the competitors are still capable to play on the court. Look at facts about Under Armour here.

Wimbledon Facts

Wimbledon Facts

Wimbledon Facts 7: a private club

On 23 July 1868, a private club called All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was established. The original name was The All England Croquet Club. Worple Road, Wimbledon featured the club’s first ground.

Wimbledon Facts 8: a new code of laws

Marylebone Cricket Club applied the traditional code, which later was revised into a new code of laws. Get facts about volleyball here.

Facts about Wimbledon

Facts about Wimbledon

Wimbledon Facts 9: the inaugural event

At first, the only event held in the tournament was the Gentlemen’s Singles started on July 9th, 1877.

Wimbledon Facts 10: the first winner

The first winner of Wimbledon was an old Harrovian rackets player. His name was Spencer Gore. During the final, 200 audiences watched the event.

Wimbledon Court

Wimbledon Court

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