10 Interesting Real Madrid Facts

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Real Madrid Facts talk about the famous football club in the world. This club is very famous with the star players. You can find the top class footballers playing for Real Madrid. The club won the first official title after three years it was formed. The club defeated Athletic Bilbao in April 1905. Find out more interesting facts about Real Madrid in the following post below:

Real Madrid Facts 1: Alfredo Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stefano is considered as the legend in Real Madrid. This football player won Pichichi award in 1956 till 1959 for four times consecutively. Actually it owns the titles for five times.

Real Madrid Facts 2: Raul

Raul is called the all time top scorer of Real Madrid. This player has the former No. 7. He had a club record with 323 competitive goals. 228 of the goals were produced during the league.

Real Madrid Club

Real Madrid Club

Real Madrid Facts 3: European champions

Real Madrid has been the winner of European champions for nine times. It was such as a big record. In 1961, Real Madrid took the biggest record by defeating Danish side Boldklubben 1909 with a 9-0 score.

Real Madrid Facts 4: the fastest hat-trick

Do you know the Real Madrid player who scores the fastest hat-trick? He is Cristiano Ronaldo. In May 2011, he scored the hat-trick within 10 minutes.  Real Madrid could gain victory with 6-2 against Sevilla.

Real Madrid Facts

Real Madrid Facts

Real Madrid Facts 5: the biggest victory

What about the biggest victory of Real Madrid? On 7th February 1960, the football club defeated Elche with 11-2 score in La Lira.  In a Copa del Rey, they could beat Barcelona with 11-1 score.  The competition was conducted in 1942-1943. Get facts about Liverpool FC here.

Real Madrid Facts 6: the longest serving coach

Who took the record of the longest serving coach? He was Miguel Munoz. He had 604 competitive matches and had served the club for 15 years.

Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid Facts 7: Copa del Rey

Real Madrid had taken 18 times winner of Copa del Rey. The far away gap between one victory to another victory was in 1993 and 2011. It was 18 years gap.

Real Madrid Facts 8: The best club

Real Madrid is called by FIFA as the best Club of the 20th Century. Real Madrid must be proud. Find out facts about Manchester United here.

Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid Facts 9: the title

Real means royal. It is the title gifted by King Alonso XIII to Madrid on 29 June 1920.

Real Madrid Facts 10: Alberto Rivera

Alberto Rivera is called as the youngest player to make his debut on Real Madrid.  He became the Madrid player at the age of 17 years old and 114 days.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid

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