10 Interesting Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts talk about the notable anti slavery novel. It is often called with another title of Life among the Lowly. The writer of this novel is Harriet Beecher Stowe. Will Kaufman believed that this novel played an important role for laying the groundwork for the American civil war. It was published in 1852. Let us get other useful facts about Uncle Tom’s Cabin below:

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 1: who was Stowe?

Stowe was recognized as one of the American abolitionists. He worked at Hartford Female Seminary as a teacher. She was born in Connecticut.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 2: the primary character

The primary character of the novel is Uncle Tom. He was a black slave who had to suffer at the hand of slavery institution in United States.

Uncle Tom's Cabin Facts

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 3: the topic in the novel

The novel brought the topic of the reality of slavery in America.  However, Stowe also inserted the belief that the slavery can be overcome by having the Christian love.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 4: the popularity

This novel is commercially successful. In 19th century, it was considered as the bestselling novel.

Uncle Tom's Cabin Pic

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Pic

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 5: the sales of the novel

There were one million copies of Uncle Tom’s Cabin sold in United Kingdom. In United States, it was sold in 300,000 copies.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 6: the most popular novel

It was called the most popular novel three years after its first publication. The popularity and impact of the book was much greater after the story about the meeting of Lincoln and Stowe. Find facts about the Wizard of Oz here.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 7: the black people

The novel narrated the story about the enslaved black people. There is no need to wonder that the readers may learn some stereotypes of black people. The black kids were stereotyped as the dark skinned and affectionate kids. On the other hand, Uncle Tom was depicted as an obedient slave who suffered a lot.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 8: why did Stowe write the novel?

Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin to react on the Second Fugitive Slave Act in 1850. Stowe wrote most content of the novel in Brunswick, Maine. Look at facts about the Titanic Movie here.

Uncle Tom's Cabin Image

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Image

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 9: the inspiration

The inspiration of Uncle Tom’s Cabin was partly from the Life of Josiah Henson. The slave narrative talked about the life of Henson who became the slave of Isaac Riley. He worked in a tobacco plantation. He reached Province of Upper Canada to escape from slavery.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Facts 10: The Memoirs of Uncle Tom

The Memoirs of Uncle Tom was the new title of Henson’s memoirs. He decided to republish it with a new title due to the success of Stowe’s novel.

Facts about Uncle Tom's Cabin

Facts about Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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