10 Interesting Peter Pan Facts

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One of the timeless figures in a movie and novel who always inside the people’s heart is explained in Peter Pan Facts. Even though it is not the era of Peter Pan, kids and adults still love it. You can find the images of Peter Pan in various merchandises such as T-shirt, mugs, pens, boxes, stationery, bags and many more. Get the detail facts about Peter Pan below:

Peter Pan Facts 1: Peter Pan adaptation

Peter Pan was written in Barrie in 1904. It was performed in London by the cast at SLHS. This theatrical form of Peter Pan is still widely used by most people in the world.

Peter Pan Facts 2: inspiration

If you check out some articles in the internet, you will find out that the character Peter Pan was inspired from Peter Llewelyn Davies. He was one of the five Llewelyn Davies brothers. The writer, Barrie was their friends.

Peter Pan Facts

Peter Pan Facts

Peter Pan Facts 3: meaning of the name

Can you guess the meaning of Peter Pan’s name? You can check out the dictionary and find out that it is defined as immature man or boyish man.

Peter Pan Facts 4: “The Second Star to the Right”

“The Second Star to the Right” can be found as the melody in Peter Pan. Actually the melody was not used for Peter Pan, but for Alice in Wonderland.

Peter Pan Movie

Peter Pan Movie

Peter Pan Facts 5: Kensington Gardens

Have you ever visited Kensington Gardens in London? If you are here, you will be impressed with a Peter Pan Statue. Actually this statue was created by George Frampton who was commissioned by Barrie in 1912. The statue still stands on the garden. You can take picture around his statue and show it to your friends.

Peter Pan Facts 6: the writer

Let’s talk about the full name of the writer. He was born with the full name James Matthew Barrie in 1860 in Kirriemuir, Scotland.  There were ten children in the family. James was the ninth child. Before James, there were two children in the family died. Find out another famous writer in Lewis Carrol facts

Peter Pan Movies

Peter Pan Movies

Peter Pan Facts 7: being a writer

It is not easy for Barrie to become a writer. He had to persuade his family to let him study at Edinburgh University. He worked on a local newspaper and created a drama reviews. Then he worked as journalist in Nottingham for 18 months.

Peter Pan Facts 8: making novels

Barrie decided to create a novel inspired from the story about Kirriemuir and the story about Scotland. He regained from his pieces of stories that he had on London Newspaper.

Peter Pan Pic

Peter Pan Pic

Peter Pan Facts 9: Mary Ansell

Mary Ansell was the wife of Barrie. Both married in 1894. In 1909, both decided to divorce. Then he had a close relationship with Sylvia Llewellyn Davies.

Peter Pan Facts 10: Sylvia Llewellyn Davies

Sylvia Llewellyn Davies was the mother of five boys of Llewellyn Davies. Those were George, John, Peter, Michael and Nicholas. They became the inspiration when Barrie created Peter Pan’s Lost Boys. Barrie supported the boys financially when the husband of Sylvia died.

Peter Pan

Peter Pa

In 1911, the novel Peter Pan was published for the first time with the title Peter and Wendy. Are you impressed with facts about Peter Pan?

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