10 Interesting the West Region Facts

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The West Region Facts impress the readers with the region composes the westernmost states of US. It is often called as the Far West, American West or the West.  The meaning of The West had evolved over the years due to the expansion of European settlement in North America. The western frontier was located at the Appalachian Mountains before 1800. Then it pushed westward due to the expansion.

The West Region Facts 1: the consensus

There is no consensus available to define the westernmost United States. However, Census Bureau of United States has provided the definition. The Great Basin to the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains, Alaska and Hawaii are included in 13 westernmost states.

The West Region Facts 2: the biomes

The biomes found in the Western Region are varied. In the American Southwest, you will spot the semi arid plateaus and plants.  The Pacific Northwest features the major rainforest biome. The American Pacific Coast has the coastal shoreline. The Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada have the forested mountains.

the west region zion

the west region zion

The West Region Facts 3: the areas of West Region

The West Region covers over 50 percent of total land areas of United States.

The West Region Facts 4: the geographic regions

The geographic regions covered by the West Region are the Great Plains, the Pacific Coast, Chihuahua desert, the temperate rainforests of the Northwest, Great Basin desert, the Sierra Nevada, Sonoran Desert, the Rocky Mountains, Mojave Desert, and Cascade Range.

the west region

the west region

The West Region Facts 5: the divisions of the West Region

The West Region is divided in two subregions by U.S. Census Bureau. Both are the Pacific States and Mountain States.

The West Region Facts 6: the Pacific States

Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington are included in the Pacific States.

the west region usa

the west region usa

The West Region Facts 7: the Mountain States

Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado are included in Mountain States.

The West Region Facts 8: the population

The report in 2010 stated that the West Region was occupied by 66.4 percent non-Hispanic Whites. The Hispanic or Latinos accounted for 28.6 percent of the population. The remaining population is the Asian, African American, American Indian, and others. Find facts about Alaska here.

the west region coastline

the west region coastline

The West Region Facts 9: the estimated population

It was estimated that West Region was a home for 74,254,423 people in 2013. Check facts about Georgia here.

The West Region Facts 10: the largest city

Los Angeles is considered as the largest city in West Region. Other major cities in the region include San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, Portland, Tacoma, and Bakersfield.

facts about the west region

facts about the west region

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