10 Interesting Caernarfon Castle Facts

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Let’s find out the information about the medieval fortress located in Caernarfon, Gwynedd on Caernarfon Castle Facts. Have you ever heard about this castle?  It is considered as one of the treasures in Wales that you can visit. The historic environment service of Welsh Government called Cadw cares and manages Caernarfon Castle. Here are other important facts about the castle that you can learn:

Caernarfon Castle Facts 1: the design of Caernarfon Castle

In the end of 11th century until 1283, Caernarfon Castle was a motte and bailey structure.  The current stone structure was built under the instruction of King Edward I of England.

Caernarfon Castle Facts 2: the defenses

The defenses in the area were in massive scale. Therefore, the administrative center of north Wales was under the Edwardian town and castle.

Caernarfon Castle Images

Caernarfon Castle Images

Caernarfon Castle Facts 3: the town walls

The town walls were built around Caernarfon when the construction of the castle was ongoing.

Caernarfon Castle Facts 4: the cost

Can you guess the cost of the construction? It consumed around £20,000 to £25,000 to cover the expense at the beginning until the end of the construction in 1330.

Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle Facts 5: the interior and exterior

It was very disappointed to know that the interior building of Caernarfon Castle never completed. It could not survive for longer time. There were several plans created for the castle never finished at the end. However, the exterior of Caernarfon Castle was mostly completed.

Caernarfon Castle Facts 6: a rebellion

The rebellion led by Madog ap Llywelyn to fight the English people made the town and castle sack. In the next year, the Caernarfon was retaken. The castle was besieged in 1400 until 1415 due to the Glyndwr Rising.

Caernarfon Castle Image

Caernarfon Castle Image

Caernarfon Castle Facts 7: Tudor dynasty

In 1485, the English throne was taken by the Tudor Dynasty. It made Caernarfon Castle less important to capture due to the reduced tension between the English and Welsh people. There is no need to wonder that Caernarfon Castle was abandoned. Find facts about medieval castle here.

Caernarfon Castle Facts 8: during the English civil war

It seems that Caernarfon Castle played a significant role during the English civil war.  The Parliamentarian forces besieged the castle three times for the Royalists held it.

Caernarfon Castle Wales

Caernarfon Castle Wales

Caernarfon Castle Facts 9: the abandonment

In 19th century, Caernarfon Castle was in the state of neglect. Prince of Wales used the castle for his investiture in 1911. Read facts about stone castle here.

Caernarfon Castle Facts 10: the Romans

The Romans established the first fortification at Caernarfon. It was located at the outskirt of the modern town and it was called Segontium.

Caernarfon Castle Pic

Caernarfon Castle Pic

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