10 Interesting Jagannath Temple Facts

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Jagannath Temple Facts will tell the readers about a temple for Jagannath. The location of this temple is at Puri, Odisha. The people who worship god Vishnu and god Krishna will like to do a pilgrimage to this sacred Hindu temple. It is expected that the Hindus will make a pilgrimage to Jagannath Temple once in a lifetime for it is included as a part of Char Dham pilgrimages. Check other interesting facts about Jagannath Temple:

Jagannath Temple Facts 1: the wooden image

It is very unique to notice that the images of Jagannath are made of wood.  Metal and stone are considered as the most common materials to create the icons of Hindu deities.

Jagannath Temple Facts 2: the replacement of wooden Jagannath

The sacred trees will be used to create the replacement of the old wooden figures. The trees will be crafted to resemble the exact of the wooden figure. The replacement will be celebrated ceremoniously per 12 or 19 years.

Jagannath Temple Image

Jagannath Temple Image

Jagannath Temple Facts 3: Navakalevara ceremony

The renewal of the wooden statues will involve an elaborate set of rituals called Navakalevara ceremony. The word Navakalevara means New Embodiment or New Body. This ceremonial tradition is highly secret.

Jagannath Temple Facts 4: the construction of Jagannath Temple

In 12th century, Jagannath Temple was established on the top of ruins. King Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva built the temple.

Jagannath Temple Exterior

Jagannath Temple Exterior

Jagannath Temple Facts 5: Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra is a yearly chariot festival celebrated in the temple. There will be intricate and decorative temple cars created for the three primary deities of Jagannath Temple.

Jagannath Temple Facts 6: the sacred tradition

One of the sacred traditions in Jagannath Temple includes Vaishnava tradition. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was interested with Jagannath deity. Mahaprabhu was the founder of Gaudiya Vaishnavism who made this temple significant to his followers. Find facts about Stone Age here.

Jagannath Temple Pictures

Jagannath Temple Pictures

Jagannath Temple Facts 7: the main deities in Jagannath Temple

There are three important deities in Jagannath Temple. Those are Goddess Subhadra, God Jagannath, and God Balabhadra.

Jagannath Temple Facts 8: the adornment

The adornment of the deities in the temple is picked based on the season. They will be decorated using jewels and garbs.

Jagannath Temple Pic

Jagannath Temple Pic

Jagannath Temple Facts 9: entrance

There are four entrances to find in Jagannath Temple. It is not easy to come to the temple due to the selective temple security. You must have Indian ancestry to come inside. Find facts about the Golden Temple here.

Jagannath Temple Facts 10: the non Indian origin

There was an incident of denying the entry of 3 Balinese Hindu in the temple. This incident makes the officials of the temple slowly accept the visitors with non Indian origin.

Jagannath Temple Facts

Jagannath Temple Facts

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