10 Interesting the Parthenon Facts

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Check the former temple located in Acropolis, Greece on The Parthenon Facts. The patron saint of Parthenon is goddess Athena. In the ancient Greece era, people worshipped her. When the Athenian Empire was at the zenith of the power, Parthenon was started to be constructed in 447 BC. In 438 BC, the construction finished. The building was completely decorated in 432 BC. Here are other interesting facts about the Parthenon below:

The Parthenon Facts 1: Classical Greece

The architecture of Parthenon reflects the Classical Greece. The building also symbolizes the peak of the Doric order.

The Parthenon Facts 2: the sculptures

The sculptures of Parthenon are super decorative. They reflect the peak of Greek art. Check facts about the Summer Palace here.

facts about the parthenon

facts about the parthenon

The Parthenon Facts 3: an essential symbol

The Parthenon also receives the status as the important building, which highlights the western civilization, Athenian democracy and ancient Greece.

The Parthenon Facts 4: the ruined structures

Some parts of the Parthenon are ruined and damaged. Therefore, there is a program established by the Greek Ministry of Culture to execute the reconstruction and restoration on Parthenon. Look at facts about the Golden Temple here.

the parthenon images

the parthenon images

The Parthenon Facts 5: the older temple of Athena

The Persian invasion in 480 BC damaged older temple of Athena. It was called the Older Parthenon and Pre-Parthenon. Since it was damaged, the new Parthenon was built.

The Parthenon Facts 6: treasury

Parthenon was functioned as a treasury. The treasury of the Delian League was located in the Parthenon. Then the Athenian Empire’s treasury was located here.

the parthenon ruins

the parthenon ruins

The Parthenon Facts 7: Parthenon in 6th century AD

In 6th century AD, the function of Parthenon was changed into a church for Christianity. The Virgin Mary was considered as the patron. In the beginning of 1460s, the Parthenon was converted into a mosque when it was conquered by the Ottomans.  The Parthenon and its sculpture were severely damaged due the Venetian bombardment, which was ignited the ammunition of the ottomans located inside the building on 26 September 1687.

The Parthenon Facts 8: the Elgin Marbles

The Elgin Marbles are the famous sculptures in the Parthenon. Some people call them the Parthenon Marbles. The British Museum in London bought the sculptures in 1816. Now they are displayed on the museum.

the parthenon facts

the parthenon facts

The Parthenon Facts 9: Acropolis

The Parthenon sits on Acropolis. Actually, there are other important buildings that you can spot in the city such as the temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and the Propylaia.

The Parthenon Facts 10: Phidias

Phidias, the artist was responsible for the sculptures as well as the supervision of the construction of Parthenon.

the parthenon

the parthenon

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