10 Interesting Alhambra Facts

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I will give you the details about a palace or a fortress in Granada, Andalusia, Spain on Alhambra facts.  In AD 889, Alhambra was originally established as a small fortress, which sat at the remains of Roman fortification. Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada was the Moorish emir who re-constructed and restored the ruins.  The current walls and palace were built under the commission of Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar.  Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada converted the building into a royal palace. Let us find out other details facts about Alhambra below:

Alhambra Facts 1: as a Royal Court

Alhambra was functioned as a Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella after Christian Reconquista in 1492.  The royal endorsement for Columbus to do his expedition was received in this royal court. Some parts of the palaces were changed with Renaissance decoration.

Alhambra Facts 2: the rediscovery

The rediscovery of Alhambra took place after Napoleon was defeated. It was neglected for more than a century.

Alhambra Facts

Alhambra Facts

Alhambra Facts 3: the present-day Alhambra

The present-day Alhambra has been used as a top tourist attraction in Spain. It shows the visitors with the wonderful Islamic architecture with the combination of garden and Christian building.

Alhambra Facts 4: songs and stories

Many stories and songs are inspired from Alhambra. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check facts about Windsor Castle here.

Alhambra Pic

Alhambra Pic

Alhambra Facts 5: the descriptions of Alhambra

Alhambra is often depicted as a pearl set in emeralds by many Moorish poets due to the wooden color around the buildings.

Alhambra Facts 6: the park

Alhambra has a park called Alameda de la Alhambra. The moors planted myrtles, oranges and roses in the past. In the spring season, it is filled with grasses and wildflowers. In 1812, Duke of Wellington brought English elms, which became the primary feature in the park.



Alhambra Facts 7: a beautiful park

The park in Alhambra is famous due to its amazing beauty. The cascades and fountains present the charming sound of running water. Look at facts about White House here.

Alhambra Facts 8: the design of the building

The quadrangular plan is found in most buildings in the palaces. The central court is connected with all rooms through its opening.

Alhambra Ceiling

Alhambra Ceiling

Alhambra Facts 9: expansions

The Muslims rulers tried to expand the buildings in Alhambra. It has complex design with reflecting pools, fountains with running water and column arcades.

Alhambra Facts 10: the dominant colors

The dominant colors of Alhambra include golden yellow, red and blue colors.

Alhambra Beauty

Alhambra Beauty

Are you impressed after reading facts about Alhambra?

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