10 Interesting Highwayman Facts

Tuesday, March 25th 2014. | History

Highwayman facts give you the fascinating information about the famous English highwayman, Dick Turpin. He was born in the beginning of 18th century. His name actually was Richard Turpin. If you are curious to know more about him, see the following facts below:

Highwayman Facts 1: father

The father of Dick Turpin was John Turpin. He lived in Essex. He worked as a small scale farmer.

Highwayman Facts 2: apprenticeship

Talking about his apprenticeship, actually he was an apprentice butcher. After he had done the course, he decided to open his butchers.

Highwayman Facts

Highwayman Facts

Highwayman Facts 3: stealing

Stealing made the life of this highwayman tend to be mysterious. His act of stealing was caught when he wanted to catch two oxen.

Highwayman Facts 4: Essex Gang

Then Dick Turpin switched his career from a butcher into a specialized robber.  He was the member of the famous gang, Essex Gang.

Highwayman Image

Highwayman Image

Highwayman Facts 5: members of Essex gang

Other famous members in Essex gang include Herbert Haines, Thomas Barnfield, John Wheeler and Ned Rust.

Highwayman Facts 6: robbing activities

The robbing activities that the gang members did were very violent since they tortured the people in the farmhouse. They forced them to give the valuables things in the house.

Hieronymus Bosch Painting

Hieronymus Bosch Painting

Highwayman Facts 7: award

The Essex gang was on the list of the most wanted person. There was a reward for 50 pound sterling to catch the Essex gang in 1735. Dick Turpin was able to escape even though there were two members of the gangs caught by people.

Highwayman Facts 8: Tom King

Dick Turpin decided to collaborate with Captain or Tom King. What they did was observing the people in the road in Epping Forest. When they caught a perfect target, they robbed them.  Since Dick Turpin was very dangerous, people were offered 100 pounds to catch him in 1737.

Highwayman Movie

Highwayman Movie

Highwayman Facts 9: Morris

Morris was an Essex gamekeeper. Since he wanted to situate Tupin in Epping Forest base, he was shot by Turpin. Accidentally, Turpin also killed Tom King.

Highwayman Facts 10: John Palmer

John Palmer was his new identity when Tupin moved from Essex. He stayed in Yorkshire. In this new place, he stole horses and robbed farmhouses.



Since his last act to steal the cattle in the farmhouse was not successful, he was arrested. His case was held in York Castle. He was sentenced to death because of his crime. Do you have any opinion on facts about the highwayman?

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