10 Interesting the Jazz Age Facts

Tuesday, July 26th 2016. | History

Look at the interesting The Jazz Age Facts in the following post. It tells you about a period in 1920s. It was called Jazz Age because the jazz music and dancing style were popular in United States, France, Britain and other parts of the world. The Jazz Age ended with Great Depression where people had to live in poor condition. The origin of jazz music can be traced back from the fusion between the European and African music in New Orleans. Until this present day, Jazz music is still important. It is a part of the valuable culture in the world.

The Jazz Age Facts 1: jazz age and roaring twenties

The roaring twenties and jazz age are often used in conjunction because both take place in the same period.

The Jazz Age Facts 2: the African Americans and jazz music

The African Americans are considered as the founders of jazz music. At first, it was considered as low class music. Over the years, the middle-class white Americans began to accept jazz music.

The Jazz Age and Music

The Jazz Age and Music

The Jazz Age Facts 3: the opposition to jazz music

The opposition to jazz music also occurred during the era. They believed that the jazz musicians had no skill and training.

The Jazz Age Facts 4: how to increase the popularity of jazz music in America

The popularity of jazz music in America was high since the white performer began to introduce it to the white audiences.

The Jazz Age Images

The Jazz Age Images

The Jazz Age Facts 5: the middle class white musicians

The middle class white musicians and performers were used as a vehicle to increase the popularity of jazz music. Even though they controlled the movement, the African American music, ideals and traditions were not left behind.

The Jazz Age Facts 6: the cultural center of jazz music

The cultural centers of jazz music were located in big cities like Chicago and New York. They were associated with African American artists. Find facts about Middle Ages here.

The Jazz Age Pic

The Jazz Age Pic

The Jazz Age Facts 7: speakeasies

The jazz age was associated with illicit speakeasies in 1920 until 1933. The show tunes, novelty song and dance songs were popular during the age.

The Jazz Age Facts 8: the bad reputation

The jazz age received bad reputation among the older generations because it was a threat to the moral value of old cultures.

The Jazz Age

The Jazz Age

The Jazz Age Facts 9: the first black jazz band of New Orleans

The first black jazz of New Orleans was Kid Ory’s Original Creole Jazz Band of musicians. They had recording in 1922. Get facts about the Dark Ages here.

The Jazz Age Facts 10: the types of jazz music

There are three types of jazz music proposed by Charles Hamm, a musicologist. Those are black music for white audiences, black music for black audience and white music for white audiences.

The Jazz Age Pictures

The Jazz Age Pictures

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