10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

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Sacagawea facts give you more information about this beautiful Indian woman. She is important in United Stated history. Some people think that her name is unique. But no one knows on how to say it right. She was famous because of her expedition and exploration in US with Clark and Lewis. Let’s see the facts about Sacagawea below:

Sacagawea Facts 1: Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark were introduced to Sacagawea in November 1904. With the men, she travelled to explore many regions in US such as Montana, North Dakota, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Sacagawea Facts 2: Sacagawea Name

The name is totally unique but people do not know how to pronounce her name. But some Hidatsa from North Dakota believe that Sacagawea should be pronounced as Sakakawea. Sacaga means bird, while wea means woman. South Dakota facts give you more info about the state.

Sacagawea Coin

Sacagawea Coin

Sacagawea Facts 3: Tribe of Sacagawea

Sacagawea came from the tribe of Shoshone. She joined as a guide for Clark and Lewis exploration by carrying her 2-month baby. She was 15 years old at that time. The information about early life of Sacagawea is limited.

Sacagawea Facts 4: Sacagawea Dollar

Sacagawea and her son called Pomp appeared on one side of a dollar coin in 2000. It is also considered as the first coin in US with has a child image.

Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea Facts 5: Lewis and Clark

Sacagawea is famous because her name was mentioned by Lewis and Clark many times in their journal. William Clark and Meriwether Lewis described her temperament, actual words, feeling and physical appearance in the journal.

Sacagawea Facts 6: Sacagawea’s Son

Sacagawea’s son was named Pomp. It means first brown in Shoshone. He was born by Sacagawea with a very difficult delivery on 11th February 1805. Charbonneau called him as Jean Baptiste.

Sacagawea Figure

Sacagawea Figure

Sacagawea Facts 7: Chief of the Shoshone

The name of chief Shoshone was Cameahwait. Her parents were dead. She only had two brothers with a child of her eldest sister. The little boy was raised by Sacagawea. Another famous indian woman can be seen in Pocahontas facts.

Sacagawea Facts 8: Sacagawea’s Date of Birth

No one knows the date she was born. She was born in Idaho. However, many experts believe that she was born in 1788 in Lemhi County.

Sacagawea with Clark and Lewis

Sacagawea with Clark and Lewis

Sacagawea Facts 9: The Captured Sacagawea

When Sacagawea was 10 years old, she and other women in the Shoshone were captured by a group of Hidatsa in the fall in 1800. They were transported to Hidatsa Village. It is now called as North Dakota.

Sacagawea Facts 10: Toussaint Charbonneau

Toussaint Charbonneau is a French Canadian trader. He married Sacagawea. The marriage did not run smoothly because of his bad temperament.

Sacagawea  Expedition

Sacagawea Expedition

When Sacagawea was born, the US president at that time was George Washington. It only had 13 states in George Washington’s presidency. After being captured, she could meet her tribe on 15th August 1805. She stroke with joy. There are many moral values that we can get from the facts about Sacagawea.

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