10 Interesting the Celts Facts

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The people who spoke the Celtic languages during the Medieval Europe and Iron Age are explained on The Celts Facts.  When we talk about the Celts, we have to be careful about it since the cultural, linguistic and ethnic factors are still controversial and inexact. The people are still in controversy when they talk about the geographical location of the Celts. Some people believe that the Celts were the Iron Age people who inhabited Ireland and Great Britain. Let’s find other interesting facts about the Celts below:

The Celts Facts 1: the root of the Celtic language

There was one theory which explains the root of Celtic Languages.  The theory stated that the languages were mainly used in 1200 BC. The people called the language as Proto-Celtic language.

The Celts Facts 2: the Celtic people

The theory also stated that the first people considered as Celtic were the people from Central Europe who performed the Iron Age Hallstatt culture in 800 to 450 BC. The cultural name was taken from the name of a rich grave find located in Hallstatt, Austria. Since it was considered as the first Celtic people, Hallstatt was called the homeland of Celtic people.

The Celts Facts

The Celts Facts

The Celts Facts 3: the expansion of Celtic culture

The Celtic culture expanded because of migration and diffusion to various areas in Europe such as France, British Isles, Poland, Bohemia, Gauls, northern Italy, Iberian Peninsula and other areas.

The Celts Facts 4: the literary tradition

In 8th century, the Celts began their own literary tradition. They created the text using Old Irish.

The Celt Image

The Celt Image

The Celts Facts 5: Táin Bó Cúailnge

Táin Bó Cúailnge is one of the examples of the early Irish literature. In English, the title means The Cattle Raid of Cooley.

The Celts Facts 6: the restricted Celtic culture

The Celtic culture was restricted to Wales, Scotland, and Cornwall, Ireland, Brittany and Isle of Man because of the Great Migration of Germanic People and Roman Empire’s expansion in the mid 1st millennium AD.

The Celts Pictures

The Celts Pictures

The Celts Facts 7: the less popular language

The Continental Celtic languages were no longer popular by the sixth century. People rarely communicate using the languages. Find facts about British Monarchy here.

The Celts Facts 8: the division

During the medieval and modern periods, the Insular Celtic cultures were diversified in two types. The first one is the Brythonic Celts which include Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons. Another one is Gaels. Those are Scottish, Manx and Irish.

The Celts Pictures

The Celts Pictures

The Celts Facts 9: the Celtic identity

Some people are still interested to keep the history of the Celtic identity in the modern way. They try to revive it. Get facts about the Canterbury Tales here.

The Celts Facts 10: the languages

As a part of the revival, the languages such as Breton, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Irish are still spoken by the people.

The Celtic People

The Celtic People

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Celts?

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