10 Interesting the Zambezi River Facts

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The Zambezi River Facts tell the readers about the largest flowing river from Africa to Indian Ocean. In Africa, it takes the fourth longest river. The length of Zambezi River is measured at 1,599 miles or 2,574 km. The basin of the river covers the area of 540,000 square miles or 1,390,000 square km. The beginning of the river is located in Zambia. Before it is emptied to the Indian Ocean, the river flows in some areas such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and northern Botswana. Let us check other facts about Zambezi River in the following post below:

The Zambezi River Facts 1: Victoria Falls

The Victorian Falls are located in Zambezi. It is considered as the most notable feature in the river.

The Zambezi River Facts 2: the prominent falls

Zambezi River also has other prominent falls such as Ngonye Falls located in Western Zambia, and Chavuma Falls.

the zambezi river pic

the zambezi river pic

The Zambezi River Facts 3: hydroelectric power

The Cahora Bassa Dam is the hydroelectric power, which gives power for South Africa and Mozambique. On the other hand, Zambia and Zimbabwe get the power from the Kariba Dam. The Victorian Falls also feature a small power station. Get facts about the Yellow River here.

The Zambezi River Facts 4: the seasonal flooding

The seasonal flooding took place in the delta of Zambezi River before the dams were established. The flood affected the ecosystem of the river.

the zambezi river facts

the zambezi river facts

The Zambezi River Facts 5: the ecosystem

The flood of Zambezi River has great impact on the ecosystem. The fishing patterns as well as the traditional farming were interrupted. The cattle and wildlife got less grassland after flooding.

The Zambezi River Facts 6: the massive floods

The massive floods on Zambezi River still take place when the river receives high level of rain.

the zambezi river beauty

the zambezi river beauty

The Zambezi River Facts 7: the carnivores

There are various carnivores living along Zambezi River.  You can spot the side-striped jackal, spotted hyena, cheetah, leopard and lion.  Check facts about River Trent here.

The Zambezi River Facts 8: the waterbirds

Saddle-billed stork, African openbill, garganey, pintails, great white pelican and wattled crane are some migratory waterbirds in the river.

facts about the zambezi river

facts about the zambezi river

The Zambezi River Facts 9: the endemic butterflies

Zambezi River is also inhabited by several types of endemic butterflies.

The Zambezi River Facts 10: the reptiles

The reptiles that you can spot along Zambezi River include floodplain water snake, Pungwe worm snake, dwarf wolf snake and African rock python.

the zambezi river

the zambezi river

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