10 Interesting NFL Facts

Tuesday, August 26th 2014. | Sports

NFL Facts present the funny and interesting information about one of the famous games in United States. Do you know that the cheerleaders in NFS are paid $50 in each game? What about the famous players in NF? Can you mention their names? If you are curious about NFL check the post below:

NFL Facts 1: financial problem

If you check out the Sport Illustrated article in 2009, you must be surprised to know that 78 percent of NFL players were involved in financial problem two years after they decided to retire from the game. Most of them went bankrupt.

NFL Facts 2: The Office

Have you watched The Office? You will know that the actress who has the role as Phyllis was the former cheerleader in NFL?

NFL Facts

NFL Facts

NFL Facts 3: the life span of NFL player

The NFL players in 1994 had the average life expectancy around 55 years old. The linemen had the expectancy of 52 years old. Compared to the US population who has the average score of 77.6, it is slightly lower.

NFL Facts 4: The NFL playoff

One of the interesting games was in the playoff between Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears in 1988. At that time, the fog in the game was very thick. The spectators could not see the game and the players were unable to see the sidelines. The referees had to explain it after the game.

NFL Game

NFL Game

NFL Facts 5: Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders was a famous player in NFL. He had a great league home run. He also scored a touchdown in 1989 NFL season. People were amazed that he became the only player to participate in a World Series and Super Bowl.

NFL Facts 6: a nonprofit organization

Do you know that NFL is included as a nonprofit organization? Therefore, NFL never pays taxes.

NFL Logo

NFL Logo

NFL Facts 7: Herschel Walker

The former NFL player who had multiples personalities was Herschel Walker.   Because of his other personalities, he had to let down the Heisman Trophy.

NFL Facts 8: the sun

The sun is very important in our life. But when the spectators want to enjoy great game in NFL, the stadium should be made facing north or south. Or it can be made in shade. The main reason is to avoid interference of the sun.

NFL Pics

NFL Pics

NFL Facts 9: an ESPN show Playmakers

An ESPN show Playmakers was a popular show. You can see the life of the American football team here. But the NFL was minded with the show for it portrayed the pro footballer player negatively. Check American football facts here.

NFL Facts 10: US sports

Actually there were 5 greatest sports in United States besides NFL. Those include MLB, NCAABB, NCAAFB, NHL, and NBA.



If you want to know the one of the fastest men in the history of NFL, you need to see Darrell Green. Are you impressed with facts about NFL?

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